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A Walk Down (Celebrity) Mug Shot Memory Lane...

    Now that Lindsay Lohan is in the clinker, I thought it'd be fun to make fun of her mug shot. But, aside from the fact that her lips look a bit plumper than usual, she doesn't look bad at all. In fact, I kind of like that she's giving us attitude in the if maybe this is all a joke to her. (Which, according to this article on it clearly isn't as she's reportedly been crying her face off.)
    So then I thought, why not look at some other fairly famous celeb mug shots and make fun of them instead?!

    But, before we start, let's rewind back to 2007 when Lindsay was first arrested. Besides the fact that she looks a twisted mess, her eyebrows are in pretty great shape! Oh, and her hair looks fuller in this picture. I hear that they don't let you wear extensions in jail or prison so I bet she had to take it out before taking the shot above. Did I mention that she was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving and cocaine possession right after she was released from rehab when this photo was taken? Can you see the highness in her eyes?!

    And here's the lovely Paris Hilton who was booked last year on June 3 and out by June 7. But, wait! She was ordered to return back to jail (which she did screaming and crying) to serve her 23 day sentence and was finally released on June 26. Nothing to really be said about her looks in this photo; except I couldn't figure out why all of her hair was swept over to the side like that..weird.
    And if we talk about Paris, we can't forget about Nicole Richie! Without her long blonde weave, she looks rather non-celeb in this mug shot, wouldn't you say? Although she has two, this is her first one that was taken in December 2006 when she was charged with driving under the influence of drugs. And, before you start thinking "Oh, that's not too bad!" let me point out that she was driving down the road going the wrong way...while high on marijuana and Vicodin.

    Is there anyone else that is skeeved out by R.Kelly's mug shot? I mean, I love his music (well, most of it anyways) but he himself always gave me the creeps. Taken in 2002, he was finally found not guilty of having sex with a 14-year-old girl in May 2008. The only word I have for this is just EW.

    It's a man! It's a tranny? No, it's Amy Winehouse! Huh? Yes, Glamazons. This tragic burning sizzling hot mess of a mug shot is the singer herself. Now, I love her music (can't get enough of the stuff!) but I just don't agree with her looks...and this is one reason why. Although being arrested is nothing new to her as it's been happening for at least half of her adult life, this one was taken in May 2008 due to suspicion of drug possession. She was caught by a British tabloid on video smoking crack cocaine. Hence the reason she looks like a crack head in this mug shot.


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