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Cheap Vibrations

    Maybelline New York is launching the first drugstore brand vibrating mascara and at the low price of $14.95, beauty mavens can rejoice (and vibrate) together across the U.S.!
    Much like Lancomme's Oscillation ($34,, this mascara also deliver 7,000 vibrations per minute but in 7 sychronized actions. As a result, you get thick, luscious, lengthened lashes with intense color and no clumps. The mascara comes in Very Black, Blackest Black and a waterproof shade, Very Black.
    Maybelline's Pulse Perfection will hit drugstores nationwide July 2009, but you can snag yours beforehand in an exclusive online preview sale one day only on May 18, 2009. Visit or participating retailers such as,, or

Perfect Match!:Christian Siriano and VS Beauty

    He may not be as tall (he certainly doesn't have the bod) but he's the newest Angel on the block and set to cash in big bucks on his latest collabo with Victoria's Secret beauty. I'm talking about none other than fashion designer (and Project Runway winner) Christian Siriano! (I wonder if Heidi had anything to do with this hook up? Hmmmm.....)
    I recently attended the launch event and must say that it was pretty fab! Upon arrival, we (being us beauty editors) received makeovers from various makeup artists with products from the newly revamped VS Beauty line (more on that in a bit). Then, we were given one of those signature pink VS bags and swag (always the best!).
    After sipping wine and mingling with each other, we finally took our seats (me on the front row, of course!) for the fashion show. I sat beside my good friend Heather Muir (Seventeen magazine..that's her pictured above next to me with the dark hair) and Kari Molvar (Cosmopolitan magazine..she's the cute blonde next to Adriana).
    And then, to my surprise, out walks VS Angel Adriana Lima (my fave!) Less than a foot away from me and breathing the same air as I...heaven! Each model (there were 8 total) showcased a different dress from Siriano's Fall 2009 collection as well as a new makeup look inspired by the trends and created with products from Siriano's new VS makeup line.
    Afterwards, Siriano himself took the stage and told us all how excited he was to do this collabo with VS and even admitted that he worked a makeup counter at Bloomingdale's in Manhattan before his Project Runway days. ("Don't judge," he said. I was cracking up as I remembered my not so fun days working in the city's retail hell as well!)
    Drawing inspiration from Egypt ("the warmth of the desert, the blue of the Nile and the juxtaposition of soft fabrics and strong shapes," he says), this limited edition collection is a reflection of the same hues seen in his Fall 2009 collection. (And, I must admit, looks very upscale in its gold packaging making it a nice addition to your boudoir!)
    There are the Silky Eye Shadows in Sahara (a nude), Sandstorm (copper), Oasis (greenish blue), Royalty (deep chocolate) and Gilded Fierce (a black with gold sparkle), $14 each; the Kajal Eye Liner in Eclipse (a creamy kohl liner) $12; lip gloss in Embrace (a champagne hue), Sublime (warm coral) and Chic (deep berry), $14 each; a Bronzer/Highlighter Trio in Sunspell Bronze, $24; Face Brush, $32 and a signature ruffle makeup bag, $16.
    The Christian Siriano for VS Makeup collection launches in August 2009 at Victoria's Secret stores nationwide and
    Also hitting Victoria's Secret stores in August 2009 is the newly revamped VS Makeup collection. The brand has completely redesigned the packaging for a sleeker look, upgraded the formulas for better application and added more shades so that women of all colors can be VS Angel sexpots! What do you think of the looks below?

    A face chart showcasing a rad 80's way to wear the products from the Christian Siriano for VS Makeup collection created by makeup artist Polly Osmond.

    Heather and I just couldn't resist snagging a pic w/Adriana. (She's actually very nice and no, she isn't really that tall...they were wearing super high platform shoes!)


    First I would like to say why oh why are we still toning hair???? I understand that there are situations which need to tone,, however on each hi-lite client common,, this could possible mean we are just doing what we know, it could also mean that we don't know any other way to achieve a desired end result with blondes,, it could also mean lazzyyyyyyyyyy.

    Something you might want to keep in mind,, Toning looks great when finished and clients walk out of a salon happy, but in my experiance I think once it hits the day to day wear and so on it comes back looking like shit, it gets all dull, washed out looking and more then likely ends up mustard.

    A way to end so much toning is,, push your blond colors, process slightly longer, pick tones that will give you a nice cooler result, utilize your N series more, and please please please enough with the bleaching ,,, it's old and dangerous.

Neon Art

Where were you in '92?

    Daydreaming about Madonna and Vanilla Ice?This shirt from MadeMe Clothing led me to search for these images, some of which I had never seen on account of the fact that Madonna's book Sex cost $50 when it came out and was in a sealed package.Um, Hot. Vanilla Ice took the whole sexy douchebag thing to the new heights.
    Via Plus Joe

upset client

    As I was walking my 2 puppy's yesterday in a very nice area (YorkVille) of exclusive shops and salons in midtown Toronto, I came across a women who was talking on her cell phone, infront of a salon which pretty much has all of our ex-employ's, she seemed extremely anger and I heard her say "I drove all the way in to Toronto for my color and they tell me I don't have an appointment, I'll color it myself " .....

    So I thought,,, I wonder what happened there why did they not try to fit her in or even give her to another operator, so many senarios, how many times has that happened to me to you ,
    do we ever really take into consideration the client????? how many times have I heard "I'm on lunch can't squeeze in", I havent had lunch in 30 years it does'nt appear that I'm suffering if you know what I'm saying here.

    And for those of you that are always accomadating with Clients rest assured you are or will be most successful, people never forget it,,

    As I am alway's asked whats your key to Success,,,
    1/exceed clients expectations, be honest, be yourself, be kind
    2/never turn a client away, even if the service can't be done offer a treatment, build the bigger picture for she/he to walk away with and rebook
    3/let them ONLY know what you want them to know about you (remember they are not your friends, trust me on that).
    4/deliver the desired end result like no one has before

    And Finally as I am picking up Loulou's poo not to far away from this women, I simply said to her , you should go up the Street to Civello's they will help you out ,, she replied , I used to go there till my hairdresser left and came here ,, I'll go back ,,,,
    their loss our gain :=)))))

clients and you today

    Today consumers know what they want and don’t want, what they want is a top notch service provider who she/he feels they are knowledgeable experts in the art and beauty hair, delivering it with a servants heart , with an honest holistic (seeing the whole person) approach.
    What they don’t want are harsh debilitating products both for hair and well-being, arrogance, dirty salon, or someone who is not listening (a bad consult or no consult).This is a challenge in our ever changing, growing industry, it is also an opportunity. Share, educate, show the youth (and there are a lot of young people in this industry) how to operate behind the chair, with passion and honestly, from the way you approach a client to how you have given them a wonderful unique experience. Become your salon educator, or even exchange ideas, formulations, techniques with the person you work beside. Add and create your own unique signature and points of differences, (what can you offer that no one else can).