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NEW!!! Zac Posen for Target


    God must have heard my cries!! Zac Posen is the latest designer to create an affordable line for Target, in stores from April 25th through May 30th via Ahhh-mazing!

    He joins a lengthy list of up-and-coming designers who have created for Target's Go International Series, which has also featured Erin Fetherston, Richard Chai, Thakoon and Rodarte.

    Target hasn't yet released what the inspiration is for the line or the pricing, but anyone who knows anything about Fashion can assume it will be chic, ladylike and charming---and the fit and craftmanship will be nothing short of excellent.

    Zac Posen, who is famous for his extravagant, red-carpet worthy gowns that can cost up to $12,000, is a favorite among celebrities like Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez.

    The Glamazons covered his recent launch of "Z Spoke," a line of dresses, separates and sportswear, sold exclusively at Saks, at a price point of $78-$675 (and we can bet his Target collection will be even more affordable!!).

    I am thrilled he is doing a collection for Target as I am a long-time fan of his work. I went to his Fall 2009 presentation and nearly died from the awesome beauty of it all. True art!

    Here's Jourdan Dunn modeling one of the gorgeous dresses from Fall 2009.

    Note my birthday falls during the time Zac Posen for Target is in stores, I'll take gift cards (I'm serious).

    Are you as excited about this collection as I am?



FW New Black- Gray

    For Fall/Winter 2009, it’s a gothic ingredient that describes this season’s wardrobe and makeup looks, and if you’re someone who appreciates all the blackened looks but wants to stay classic yet with a dark edge and in the trendy now then the hottest color for you is the new black ‘Gray’.

    We are seeing a variety of gray’s from designers, makeup company’s nails, and even men’s wear, and the keyword here is sultry rather than scary. No matter what eye color, hair color, or even skin color there is a gray shade that can suite everyone. Try combing grays with purples, tans, white, navy, and of course black. And wearing dark gray, charcoal, heather gray’s this winters new black is sure to bring less gloom from old man winter.

Leotards, Leggings, Catsuits - Sexy or Slutty?

    Hey Glamazons!

    When I first came up with the idea to write on this topic, the celebrity in question was Kanye West's blond bombshell girlfriend, Amber Rose, who wears spandex jumpsuits and leggings like it's her uniform. Since then, Beyonce's risque new video "Video Phone Remix," and Rihanna's topless shots for her new album have made Amber's catsuit look more like a business suit.

    Though artists like Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson have always pushed the envelope with provocative fashions, it seems now more than ever, today's pop stars are embracing the raunchier side of sexy.

    Rihanna seems to have an aversion to tops in the promotional pictures for her latest record, fittingly titled "Rated R."

    And from her breast jiggling to her bent-over booty roll, Beyonce's moves make the Video Phone vid a racy display of unabashed, in-your-face sexiness.

    Critics and fans alike worry about what message this sends to impressionable, younger viewers (including the Duchess of Cornwall who recently criticized the "Video Phone," video.) Though Rihanna and Beyonce are mature, adult women who can dress however they please, a large percentage of their fanbase is not. And both stars have publicly acknowledged that these young fans consider them role models. If there is a new onslaught of topless Rihanna-inspired Myspace pics or bent-over Beyonce-esque moves at teenage birthday parties, can we really be surprised?

    The same can be said about today's fashions. As trend-setting stars flaunt sexier images, catsuits, spandex leggings and leotards with thigh-high boots are becoming staples in popular stores. Have celebrities like Amber Rose, Beyonce and Rihanna made us immune to sex or are we just all so free and comfortable in our skin that we want to celebrate it in our clothing choices?

    Personally, I'm on the fence about this issue. I love being a woman. I think curves are absolutely beautiful, and accentuating them is every woman's privilege and right. I love working hard at the gym and showing off my toned abs at the beach or in my Halloween costume---and want to be able to do so without feeling judged. That's why I've always commended women that don't allow societal pressures to control their sexuality.

    At the same time, how sexy is too sexy? As much as I embrace sexiness, I have found the sight of some women in catsuits at the club, or in a leotard and thigh-high heels, off-putting to say the least. There has to be a line somewhere but where do you draw it?

    What's your opinion? Do you think Rihanna and Beyonce's recent works are too sexy? Do you think it impacts fans or do they view it as entertainment without being influenced?

    Do you agree there is a line between revealing and racy? How would you define your own style of dress in those terms?

    Do you wear any of the styles above (catsuits, leggings, leotards, etc.)? Do you think they are "too sexy"? If so, how do you tone it down?

    Do you think women should have to tone it down or should have the freedom to dress however they want without judgment?




Michelle Obama Gets Glam in Naeem Khan

    Hey Glamazons,

    There are few sights more dazzling than Michelle Obama in a custom-made Naeem Khan gown.

    The First Lady donned a glimmery metallic strapless dress by the Indian-American designer on Wednesday to welcome Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh and wife Mrs. Gursharan Kaur to the White House, and to host the Obama's first State Dinner.

    Accessorizing with a sophisticated updo, chandelier earrings, stacked diamond bangles and a champagne shawl, Mrs. Obama looked as regal and polished as ever.

    Though Naeem Khan is famous for his extravagant designs, the First Lady's dress was especially exquisite. According to Mrs. Obama's comments on the gown: "The strapless gown features hand cut sterling silver sequins sewn on nude silk chiffon, which create an abstract floral pattern. The dress is entirely handmade, requiring three weeks of work by 40 people, completed in Naeem Kahn's family workshop in India."

    Mrs. Obama's choice of an Indian-American designer is not pure coincidence, but rather a subtle example of her cultural sensitivity and thoughtfulness. In fact, she wore the skirt of another Indian-American designer (and Glamazon favorite) Rachel Roy in an earlier speech about the State Dinner. The significance of the First Lady's decision to wear lesser-known designers, and to celebrate their Indian-American heritage, was not lost on Naeem Khan:

    "I feel so happy to be a part of this historical event between the two countries where my heart lies. I am relieved to have a job well done and am so honored to have been chosen. This is a Thanksgiving in its truest form for me and one that I will never forget---an American dream coming true," Khan told

    What do you think of Michelle Obama's gown, Glamazons?



Tress Trauma!

    Hair S.O.S! I don't know about you guys, but I feel like I've been stuck in a rut lately..with my hair that is.
    I have the hottest blondest of blonde tresses (ok, not Amber Rose white blonde, but still pretty blonde) thanks to the colorist/love of my life Adrian Wallace of the Rita Hazan Salon in NY. (Located at 720 5th Avenue, right across the street from the Trump Towers...tres chic!) However, it's hard sometimes to keep the color looking fresh and it can easily look dull if I don't pay special attention to it.
    On the other hand, my haircut is seriously lacking in the style factor. I chopped it into a trendy bob a couple of months ago, but then decided that I wanted to grow it back out. Now it's in that weird inbetween state where I have to wear my bangs swept to the side and the back is growing way faster than the front!
    Has anyone else ever experienced this issue? I'm sure you all have at least one point in the history of your hair woes. So, I just wanted to know: what are some of the best ways to keep your hair color looking vibrant? What are the best types of haircuts to get so that you don't run into the weird hair rut? And how can I make my blow out last? (because I'm obsessed with blow outs but in this economy who can afford to get one weekly anymore?!)
    Read on to get some great tips!

    Q: How do you keep hair color from fading inbetween hair coloring appointments?
    A: "I always tell my clients to invest in a color protecting shampoo, such as Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner. Both contain an advanced fade resist complex to help lock in color. Another option is to visit the salon between color visits for a Redken Chemistry service and request the Color Extend Shot." - Tracey Cunningham, Redken Creative Consultant for Color
    *BTW I've tried the Color Extend Shot and it really works! The beauty of the Redken Chemistry Service is that it's suited to fit your hair needs and you can mix and match the shots (ie extend your color and add moisture) so if your hair just happens to be in need of more than one shot, your stylist can make a special one just for you.

    AND, another great tip for those of you that choose to color your hair at home, try Clairol Professional Jazzing! It's sheer temporary haircolor that can even be used right after a perm application and is even great for those that rock natural tresses. The formula is ammonia and peroxide free and comes in 18 shades. Applied with heat (ie you blow out or flat iron your hair after washing), it can last 1-2 shampoos; without heat 4-8 shampoos. The best part is that if you click here and become a fan of the Clairol Pro Facebook page, you can enter to win their Fierce Friday sweepstakes! Winner gets a a two night trip to NY for a hair makeover with celebrity hair stylist Tippi Shorter! (Sidenote: Um, if I were allowed to enter, I totally would!)

    Q: What about haircuts...what are the best ones to get so that I don't have to go to the salon so much for touch ups or experience this weird growing out phase?
    A: “The best haircuts to avoid are high maintenance haircuts that don’t require a certain length to work. For example a layered shaggy haircut – a look that after two months growth it will have a similar shape. Long layered haircuts with bangs that sit around the cheekbone so that as they grow out they still resemble the look that’s a longer version is always good. Or one length haircuts that sit just below the shoulders. A bad choice that requires a lot of maintenance would be a jawline bob, if you don’t want to have to go to the salon often, steer clear of them.” –Rodney Cutler, owner Cutler/Redken Salons

    Q: Ok, so what about blow outs? How can I stretch those for as long as possible?
    A: “A long lasting blowdry starts with the correct haircare: make sure you use a shampoo that will extract the oil from the scalp while leaving the hair soft and, of course, pick the right shampoo for your hair type. Application of products includes both preparation and finishing, whether you’re creating volume and smoothness.
    Apply a preparation product that is applied at the roots and evenly distributed through the hair (try Redken Blown Away 09 Protective Blow Dry Gel) The right product will give you the look and long lasting effects. If you want a smooth finished look, make sure you apply a smoothing product to repell the humidity. Also, make sure that you have a nozzle on the blow dryer and that you’re drying the hair from the roots to the ends to seal the cuticle. Make sure to let the hair cool down on the brush for a setting effect. To finish, use your finishing products six inches from your head. For example, spray the hairspray 6-12 inches from your so head as to not weigh the hair down.” -Rodney Cutler


Dirty Blondes

    Dirty Blonde hair is a term we use when describing either ones natural hair color or someone who wants dirty blonde hair, another term that is also used is dishwater sounds attractive huh? I have always considered these to be flatter ashier tones and personally I hate the word ash, so let’s call it cooler and while we’re on that let’s call dirty blonde or dishwater blonde, "Smooth Blonde". The first time I ever used that term to a client was when she asked me for dirty blonde highlights I said “so you want a cooler matte tone yet not flat a smoother neutral blonde” she said exactly.

    And when this beautiful color is described as a smooth blonde remember that the tone is ever so slightly darker (still blonde), and it’s a great season to start adding or using this shade, and for all those blondes who want this it’s the right time as matte, neutral blonde is the perfect complement to some of this seasons makeup and fashion color trends

From the Closet: Workboots & Man-Uggs

    Hey Glamazons!

    Fashion, meet function. More than ever, this season's casual footwear works no matter what the weather brings. The new styles are tough, fashion-forward, durable and even sexy depending on how you wear it. My favorite styles for women AND men? Workboots for either gender, Man Uggs strictly for the guys.


    Let's be clear: this is NOT the look at all.

    The new UGG style, Butte, is cool, sleek, rainproof and Glamazon-approved. My favorite boot of the season for Men, hands down.



    This style of boot is perfect for men and women; and should look rugged and relaxed (don't tie your shoelaces all the way up). While ladies shouldn't pair them with a frilly, ruffled skirt, don't be afraid to mix them with a sweater dress or leggings. The juxtaposition of girly and gritty is so alluring.



Video Glam: Make Me Janet Jackson

    Hey Glamazons,

    I am obsessed with Janet's new single and vid, Make Me, off her Number Ones album. The black and white video is the perfect blend of retro and modern with it's signature Janet-esque dance sequences and funky interpretation of beauty and fashion trends.

    Janet's Todd Lynn metallic shoulder pads, her dancer's worker boots, her amazing, silver dangling earrings, her pompadour hairstyle and dark lips = the stuff of fashion/beauty legend. And I can't wait to learn every dance move.

    Check out the amazing dance sequences and looks below and tell me what you think.



Inspirations #1


    Stimulation of the mind or emotions
    A thing, person or work of art, that moves the intellect or emotions or prompts action or invention.

GET THE LOOK!: Alicia Keys' Braided 'Do at the 2009 AMA's

    As you know from our AMA '09 post below, we loved singer Alicia Keys' look. And, of course, we just knew that it had to be the work of Pantene celebrity stylist Tippi Shorter.
    Read on to get the scoop on how she created the look!


    Fresh off of a recent hair lightening, Tippi started by washing Alicia's tresses wtih Pantene Pro-V Color Revival Shampoo & Conditioner to keep her hair color looking healthy and vibrant for the cameras.

    Tippi knew Alicia would not only be walking the red carpet, but also performing twice onstage,
    so she created a fun updo that would transform effortlessly throughout the night. Since Alicia is known mostly for her braids, Tippi decided to keep the braid, but give it a lighter, more romantic feel.

    Tippi sprayed Alicia's freshly washed hair with Pantene Pro-V Detangling Light Conditioning Spray to condition and protect the hair before heat styling. She then blew out the hair using a Mason Pearson brush. Tippi sectioned the hair into three sections from front to back, gathered the two outermost sections and secured a ponytail using Ojon Animated Styling Cream.
    With the center section, Tippi started an off-center braid from the nape all the way to the front.
    She then tucked the end of the braid underneath the main braid and secured with bobby pins.
    Tippi finished the look with Ojon Tunu Elastik Hairspray and Bed Head Headrush Shine Adrenaline Superfine Mist Spray.



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