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More Photos Appear Showcasing Naomi Campbell's Baldness....

    But are we really surprised, Glamazons? I mean, the woman has been wearing wigs and weaves her entire life. Can someone please tell show me one photo of Naomi Campbell, 40, rocking her natural hair? (If you can, I'll send you some beauty goodies hahaha)
    In a recent photo shoot for Dennis Basso here in New York, Campbell was snapped by the paparazzi not only rocking thousand dollar furs, but also revealing her serious lack of hair.

    But really, everyone knows she's bald. And who's gonna risk their life to call her out on it to her face!? Certainly not I! Besides (all baldness aside) that fur jacket is giving me LIFE! I can't wait until the day that I can walk around in thousand dollar fur coats, heels and a bikini...all on a million dollar yacht, of course.

    What do you think, Glamazons? Do you still view Campbell as a beautiful creature despite her (serious) lack of hair?


Sometimes Lady Gaga Pretends She's A Man (When She's Not Busy Being A Woman)

    Hey Glamazons! Did you peep these pics that have hit the web of Lady Gaga dressed as her supposed alterego Jo Calderone? (Yes, apparently "Jo" is a man.) The shoot is for an upcoming issue of Vogue Hommes Japan. Well, if Beyonce can ditch her usual quiet habits and be the fierce and fab Sasha Fierce, then it only makes sense that Gaga can be a man sometimes, right?!

    What do you think of the photos, Glamazons? Do you think that they're really Lady Gaga? (I do!) Do you find this strangely disturbing or cool? Maybe Gaga will take a cue from Beyonce and even release an album as Jo?!


Gucci Reveals Name Of New Women's Scent

    Remember when I told you about Evan Rachel Wood (ie True Blood's Vampire Queen haha) getting a fragrance deal with Gucci? Well, the brand was keeping all deets about the fragrance under wraps...until now!
    According to today's issue of WWD, the scent is called Gucci Guilty and will hit shelves in September 2010. The brand recently shot the TV commercial for the fragrance (starring Wood, of course) and directed by "Sin City" creator Frank Miller. No other leaks on the actual commercial, but considering that the name of the fragrance includes the word "guilty" and that it's directed by a guy who creates "sin," I'm sure it will be extra debaucherous! (Much like the photo above of Wood...which btw is totally not related to the fragrance...I just thought that it matched the whole them of "guilt" and "sin." Wouldn't you agree? lol)


Designer Crush: Gasoline Glamour's Pumps are Moving Works of Art

     You thought shoes with studs are cool? How about mirrors, masks and bullets? Yes, I said bullets. Gasoline Glamour boasts jewelry, clothing and accessories but the shoes are what have me head over heels.

    Some dripping with chains, flanked with bullets, covered with spiders, these shoes are bursting at each metallic seam with creativity. But this is no art project; the platform heels, iridescent metallic hue and artfully placed adornments make these shoes polished and chic.

    Model Eva Pigford recently wore a stunning, studded pair of Gasoline Glamour heels to the BET Awards and she rightfully had all eyes on her. However, her shoes pale in comparison to some of the other styles, including a shoe decorated with lollipops that has Nicki Minaj's name all over it.

    Fantastical, fun, wild and highly-creative, these are the shoes fashion-loving women choose to make a lasting statement. Check out my favorites below---and see the whole collection at



A Day in the Life: Ford Fiesta "Inspired by Color" Competition with Constance White and Letoya Luckett

    As a Jersey girl (who escapes to Miami often for vacation), I know the importance of a fabulous car! When I'm away from New York, my car becomes my accessory.

    And never have I been so obsessed with a car until the Ford Fiesta. It's so cute---it feels tailor-made for me and my funky fashion sense. It comes in fab colors like yellow blaze to red candy metallic, which are super fun and stylish.

    It's definitely the car I could see my friends and I hopping out of to head to the mall, the club, a restaurant, etc. And it's chic inside and out with cross-stitched interior to complement the bold exterior color.

    But that's only the beginning. First, the Ford Fiesta is fuel-efficient, featuring a projected best-in-class highway fuel economy of 40 mpg.

    Secondly, it has a feature that automatically syncs your IPOD to the radio, a class-exclusive push button start and a voice-activated, hands-free communications and entertainment system. Yes, the twenty-first century! You can control all of the following features in the car with your voice alone:

    - Hands-free Calling
    - Turn-by-Turn Directions
    - 911 Assist™
    - Music Search
    - Vehicle Health Report
    - Personalized Daily Info
    - Business Search
    - Real-time Traffic
    - Audible Text Messages

    Pretty cool, right?

    To mark the launch of the first fashion-forward ride, Ford Fiesta invited yours truly to D.C. for "Inspired by Color," a competition to find a young, eclectic, cool college student to be one of five spokespeople for the car.

    And boy, was it an adventure! Besides chopping it up with the amazing contestants (one of whom is charismatic, gorgeous and shops vintage, totally my favorite!), I was able to meet and interview three of my heroes, designer Mychael Knight and judges, style expert, Constance White and R&B sensation, Letoya Luckett! It was like the car version of American Idol!

    Here's what Shawn Lollie, Ford Multicultural Marketing Manager, had to say about the competition, which challenged people to use their own personal style to connect with the colors and distinct features of the new Fiesta. 

    "Our goal was to create a unique program that truly embodied the spirit of the Fiesta. The Fiesta has an expressive, vibrant design and we wanted to tap into those style attributes in a way that was relevant to our target audience while engaging them using platforms that are very much a part of their everyday lives."

    Out of the 150 people that turned out for the casting call at Howard University in Washington, D.C, dressed in a Fiesta-inspired way, only five were chosen (three of which were my personal favorites!). Those five fashion-forward winners (below) now appear in the new television ad for Ford's all-new small car. Sounds like a dream, right? It was for them. 

    The five fabulous winners!

    One of the winners, Echoe with my favorite car

    The Grand Prize Winner, Esosa

    I was so happy to be a part of the process (which was like watching a reality competition before your eyes) from meeting the judges to chatting with my fave contestants. 

    For the first part of the competition, hopefuls consulted Memsor Kamarake, an amazing stylist who was formerly Fashion Director of Vibe, for style advice. Memsor would add final touches to make their outfit look as polished and fashion-forward as possible in front of the judges.

    Then, contestants would take part in a photo shoot and interview to showcase how they were inspired by the fashion-forward, fuel-efficient Ford Fiesta.

    Then it was time to meet the judges. Check out my video interviews with two of the judges, eBay Style Director, Constance White, and R&B sensation, Letoya Luckett, below: 

    Letoya Luckett

    Constance White

    How cool is "Inspired by Color" and the Ford Fiesta? For more, check out Vibe Magazine for a tie-in associated with the car that will run in print. Also, the car will be featured on BET's new fab show, The Travelista's! The lifestyle traveling duo will drive a 2011 Ford Fiesta as part of a custom webisode airing on For additional info, visit


    Photos Courtesy of Ford and The Urban Gentleman

GLAM OR SHAM?: Solange's Curly Fro Wig

    Remember when Solange cut her hair and hit the red carpet in her bold, short cut? Me neither (maybe it was circa Fashion Week sometime when I took the above photo with her).

    Now she's rocking a curly afro wig which is just in time for summer's obsession with natural hair.

    Of course, criticism abounds with naysayers saying her wig is a rare combination of nappy and tacky. My take? I prefer the short, edgy look...but nothing says summer like a huge curly 'fro---even if it is a wig.

    What's your beauty verdict? Is she sultry and GLAM or a dusty SHAM?



TWEET TO WIN IT!: Avon's Frizz Control Lotus Shield

    Unless you live in the arctic areas of Siberia (it's really cold there, right? I was always horrible at geography smh), your hair is probably a frizzy mess. Not that it would normally be a frizzy mess, but I'm just trying to point out that summertime is here and the weather is hot and steamy. (Hence your hair usually turns into a frizz ball.) If you have a perm, you're a lot better protected than those of that don't. Another option is to get a Brazilian blow-out, but those can be kind of pricey.
    Don't worry! We (i.e. The Glamazons) have teamed up with Avon to offer one lucky winner this brand new product that's going to save your hair LIFE this summer. The beauty brand is launching the Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield ($12) in July and, let me tell you, this stuff is the truth! It's technology is based on the fact that it imitates the lotus leaf, which lives in water but has a surface structure that repels droplets of moisture. I've been using the stuff for about a week now and there's no frizz to be found in my hair (even though we're currently experiencing 90 degree temps here in NY...ew). Just wash your hair, towel dry, apply the Lotus Shield and style your hair. Somehow it manages to stick (even if you use heat styling after washing).
    You want it now, right!? It's ok to admit it if you do...I want more of the stuff myself!
    To win it, all you have to do is follow us on Twitter and re-tweet this post. It's that easy. Coutura and I will pick one lucky winner on Thursday, July 1. Good luck!

New Weave On The Block: Victoria Beckham

    Spotted: Victoria Beckham walking through the airport on her way to Cannes (sons in tow) rocking longer locks. Why she ditched her uber sexy (poshy) glamtabulous haircut is beyond me. (I mean, that is a pretty fly haircut!) But, at least her weave looks like it's been professionally done (and not like she just slapped some tracks in herself like I think Britney Spears may have done...ew.) But, the ends look a bit piecy to me, so perhaps she should have added in a bit more hair?

    What do you think of her long locks, Glamazons? Do you think that she should go back to her short hair?

GLAM OR SHAM?: Alicia Key's Purple Dress and Pink Platforms at the BET Awards

    We've all heard about mixing prints, but mixing non-complementary colors? Did I miss that memo? I kid, I kid.

    Alicia Keys dressed her baby bump in a flattering purple tube dress with gathering at the center but paired it with pink platform heels and Beyonce's nude performance tights. This kind of thing confuses me. Is this a new trend -- because this just looks tacky and terrible, to be frank?

    Keys also donned a white Grecian gown which covered her baby bump gracefully.

    For her performance tribute to Prince, she wore an all-black ensemble of leggings and a baby doll top. Seems she needs a better stylist well-versed in maternity wear. Because this looks isn't flattering at all.

    What do you think of Alicia's three BET Awards looks? Glam or Sham?



GLAM OR SHAM?: Willow and Jada Pinkett Smith's Braided Mohawks...or Something

     Braids are the style of the summer, and Jada Pinkett nailed the look recently at the Karate Kid premiere with a sleek, braided updo.

    Now, she's taken the trend to an unprecedented level with a half-up, half-down style that looks like braid extensions gathered in a fishtail French braid on top.

     Jada complemented her hairstyle with a black and white jumpsuit, a black blazer and some fierce black tie-up pumps.

    Her daughter, Willow, continued to flaunt her funky fashion sense with a military jacket adorned with studs and embellishments on the shoulders, leather pants and her favorite black work boots. She also rocked a braided mohawk like Mom, but her hair on the side is shaved.

     What's the verdict on their hair---and fashions? Glam or a Sham?



GLAM OR SHAM?: Monica Channels Lady Gaga in an Avante Garde Top at the 2010 BET Awards

    Monica is pushing the fashion envelope in her couture-inspired top at the 2010 BET Awards. With dramatically high and pointy shoulders and bow, the top is eye-catching, but not necessarily for the right reasons. Some even called it Addams Family-reminiscent, or even funnier, Bat Woman.

    I'm not mad at an avante garde look, but you have to have the attitude to pull it off. Monica pairs the top with leather pants (a theme throughout the night...see Willow Smith's look) and a dazzling diamond cuff bracelet.

    What do we think of her look? Does look high-fashion and GLAM or a tacky SHAM?



GLAM OR SHAM?: Cassie's Messy Weave Ponytail at the 2010 BET Awards

    What's on the back of Cassie's head at the BET Awards? It seems the formerly shaven star had an urge for some hair and grabbed a mess of matted, blonde tracks and attached them to the base of her head.

    Besides the fact that the ponytail is not adequately combed, it is an alarmingly different shade and texture than Cassie's own caramel locks. As an extension connoisseur, who has learned the ways of weave through trial and error, I recognize Cassie's mismatched texture and color as a cardinal sin.

    This is surprisingly an off-night for her as far as beauty is concerned. What's your verdict? Am I being too harsh? Is her hairstyle GLAM or a SHAM?



Summer Hair Color: Keep it Simple

    It’s the best time right now to keeping your hair color protected and as simple as possible, it’s not the best time of the year to ask for or do bolder, brighter colors or creative highlights. In fact in the summer with blondes I might just work with one shade and let the sun do what it’s going to do anyway to the rest of the hair, but I never use more than two shades using a combination of fine and medium weaves particularly in the nape area and sides in the front hairline where the hair is more visible due to being worn up most of the time in the summer heat and humidity.

    For the ever fading redheads I like to add a bit more brown in the formulations, this way prevents whatever fading is going to occur not appear as brassy as a red, copper do. And always seal it with a clear ((no color) gloss, creating a UV protection as well as shine. And as for the brunettes; the key here is adding a blue/violet in the formula and nothing warm even if the formula calls for some. Remembering that the environment plays havoc with hair color is why I feel keeping it simple is quintessentially the best possible way to having gorgeous summer hair without any worries for both hairdresser and consumer regarding fading, , bleaching out and dryness. So keep the more creative color placements and bolder shades for the fall when it’s the time to evaluate the entire hair and look.

Friday Fashion Spotlight: The One Piece Swim Suit

    The one piece swim suit is a must have this summer and it’s in the spotlight, like its counterpart the bikini which has been for sometime the main focus with swim suit designers and the one piece seemed to be only for those who wanted to hide more skin or timid. Today the one piece swim suit is sexier than ever and the designers are capitalizing on its new found fame, the bathing suits are elaborate , colorful with incredible shapes to suit anyone and above all yes” sexy” as well as daring so this summer make a statement with a beautiful one piece bathing suit .

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