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White Diamonds!

    White Diamonds was the best birthday party ever. Keren and Michael decorated the basement of "The Diamond" and James Ryang took these amazing photos.
    Scanlon Twinz
    So many bloggerz
    Cheri and Dave

    Elizabeth (White Lightening) and David Black

    Oh and fashionistas Alison and Rebecca

    We hunt for Cool

    New Friends represented


    The boy named Nikki and Starlee Kine
    Old Friends



    And someone whose known me my whole life

    Want more? The rest are here.

Who's Gonna Save My Soul Video

    I can't get off this TV tip this week .
    Aasha Davis aka Waverly from Friday Night Lights in this Gnarls Barkley video.

    It's about break ups and an anthropomorphic heart sings using broccoli as a microphone. Just sayin'

Rebecca Turbow Safe Video

    Since I am posting videos by friends this week let us not forget Turbow.

    This video shows the Safe Spring/Summer 2008 collection all modeled by Rebecca.

Mad Men Cast Out of Character

    Wow Elizabeth Moss aka Peggy Olsen aka Zoe Bartlett you clean up nice.
    Photo by Justin Stephens from New York Magazine.

    Because lets just say near the end of Season 1 she was looking kind of busted.
    Image via AMC

    Why is it so disconcerting to me to see these actors out of character?

    Photo Via Getty Images
    Photo Via Getty Images
    Tousled hair! Jeans with blazers and western shirts from Mervyns! No. No. No.
    You are killing it dudes, stay in the 60s please.

    Season 2 Premieres July 27th which should be easy for everyone to remember since it is also my birthday.

Well look at you...

    Aimee Teegarden aka Julie Taylor aren't you a sophisticated little thing.
    Making me proud. Oh Friday Night Lights, should I break down and watch season 2? I've be told it will stab me in the heart and destroy my faith in television, Texas and football. Then of course I never has any interest in the last two until that show anyway.

    Image via Getty via Jezebel in case anyone is considering suing me.

Richter Sister's Video

    Keren and Julie Richter (Big Sis/lil sis respectively) collaborated on a little video. Click here to view. The drawing ended up on a certain sneaker you may or may not of heard about.

    Get a pair right here.

Brooke Sheilds

    Brooke Sheilds as a child was a creature was so beautiful it was actually frightening. I'm sure the fact that she was cast in creepily over-sexualized roles in films like Pretty Baby and The Blue Lagoon only heightened this effect. Spooky.

    Pretty Baby 1978Pretty Baby 1978
    The Blue Lagoon 1980

    The Blue Lagoon 1980These paintings by Annie Kevens are part of a series on child stars.

i r fashun blogger?

    Keren took this picture of me playing dress up in her Vtg/90s/Grunge/Floral/ Ditsy Romper.
    It's an homage to Nasty Gal Vintage, and Fashion Toast et al.

Sesame Street Jams

    In case you haven't seen it yet.

    In honor of the lovely Feist appearance on Sesame Street I thought I'd post my all time favorite musical performance from Sesame Street: James Taylor singing Jelly Man Kelly.

    He is accompanied by Howard Johnson on the tuba, and a bunch of kids who have the same singing style as well, me.

Currently Obsessed: Mad Men

    Mad Men! It's on demand and I'm obsessed.Well, well if it isn't Zoe from The West Wing.
    What me, square? You know, just checking out some beat poetry in Greenwich Village.

Pancake Meow

Treehouse Fourth of July

    We went upstate to for Fourth of July to stay at Linda's Treehouse. You can see a whole slide show of the treehouse building process here (as seen in Domino, fancy).


    Oh Papa

    Oh Papa
    Oh Popular!
    a makeshift burning man without the grossness of the black rock desert.
    I braided Starlee's hair
    And also Michael's. This photo is by Grant.
    squished robin's egg
    Squished Robin's Egg
    I made these girls pose together because I thought they looked the same
    These girls did not know each other. I was obsessed with how the one on the left was a mini version of the one of the right, who's name was something like Nelseka. This photo does not do justice to how pretty these girls are.