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Good Vibe: RIP Vibe Magazine

    The Glamazons are devastated by news that Vibe Magazine, a publication with it's imprint on the pulse of hip hop, is no longer running. As readers, subscribers and lovers of everything Vibe, we feel the void. We haven't been this upset since Suede Magazine folded. On top of the edgy fashion spreads, the political essays, the artists who got their first taste of exposure (when no one else would cover them) and the genius 20 Questions franchise, we lost the very first platform for our music, when it was considered a passing fad by the mainstream. Around the age of 7, in 1992, when I was seduced by this alluring music form, scratch that, lifestyle called hip-hop, Vibe was my handbook. Now, sixteen years later, we've lost a staple of our adolescence, our voice and our culture that will never be forgotten or replaced. RIP

    Pay your respects: 20 Questions...okay, just 3. What's your fave Vibe memory? What was the best Vibe cover? (Obviously I love the iconic cover of Tupac in a straitjacket, but what beats the controversial cover with TLC in firefighter uniforms?) And lastly...why aren't people buying magazines anymore? The web? The recession? The quality of the mag? (This last question terrifies us for obvious reasons). Discuss.

    RIP Vibe Magazine, the voice of our culture before it was cool to like hip-hop!

"You're all over living me" Lake Gallery, San Francisco

    Okay so timeliness isn't always my strength but I wanted to mention that during my SF trip I went to the opening for a show of work inspired by Dinosaur Jr.
    I know ryte???
    Mat O'Brien's "Seemed Like the Thing to Do."
    Freak Scene Zine by Andrew Scott
    The show was curated by Dan Johnson, who probably doesn't know who I am but back in 2003 someone gave me a sticker he made that said "p.s. you're pretty" and I bet I still have it somewhere.

    George Chen and Mike Kinney High Five
    the gallery is housed in  a plant store
    oh btw did you know this guy created me? he did.

    "You're all over living me" Art inspired by Dinosaur Jr.
    Through July 19.
    Lake Gallery, 661 Divisadero St., S.F
    Featuring the work of Alissa Anderson, Chris Baird, George Chen, Ryan Coffey, Amy Jo Diaz, Treasure Frey, Matthew Gee, Richard Hart, Rich Jacobs, Gayner Mann, Griffin McPartland, Mat O'Brien, Joe Roberts, Kelley Ryan, Andrew Scott, Sylvia Tan, Mark Whiteley, Bradley Wilson, Dan Wolfe, and Tomo Yasuda.

The Bob Haircut

    100 Years of the Bob

    The bob was invented in 1909 by Paris-based hairdresser Antoine and this year the hairstyle that never goes out of fashion celebrates its 100th anniversary and the iconic style is currently having a moment with new twists and attitude. It is my #1 favorite haircut I have had the pleasure to work with for the past 30 years. I love the bob and on the year of its 100th birthday it seems we have a wave of popularity with all the wonderful variations of bobs today. We are seeing, shoulder-grazing lengths, sharp fringes, choppy, layered and of course the jaw length bob, and their being worn by A-listers of celebrities and the fashion world.
    The bob has always been and still is one of the most requested styles and it's also the best way for any long hair to go shorter you can take it slowly or dramatically and it remains classic, chic and trendy for many generations to come. And with the many variations today there is a look for almost everyone that can wear and sport a bob. Happy Birthday Bob!

    Look For The Bob & Hair Color blog coming soon.

Me and Evan Dando

    The Lemonheads, Varsity Drag, and The Legends at Bowery Ballroom, New York June 25, 2009Last night (aka the day the music died, aka RIP King of Pop) I did not honor the memory of Michael Jackson. Instead I honored my 90s nostalgia with my favorite alternahunk. Anyone who knows me know that the Lemonheads is a band I fell in love with at 13 and never got over.Lemonheads shows are usually full of dorks and normals and then some alt-power-couples like this one.
    The stage was inexplicably adorned with tumbleweeds.
    Set list!

     I think this bass player is kind of a babe. Also how adorable is this young guitar player.
    At first we thought it was funny that the only person we recognized there was Greg the Misshape.
    After the show I ran into Ben Cho who explained to me that the young guitar player is a 19 year old cool kid and that is why there was a contingent of 90s nostalgic cool kids there making me feel old.
    like this girl who pretty much out Leti-ed Leti

    and this kid with the Mudhoney T-shirt who told me he did not like the show. (the nerve!)

    He opened with Down About It, played a bunch of songs with the band and then a bunch solo and then brought the band back out for encores.  

Hair Color For Kids

    I was asked yesterday to highlight an 8 year olds hair which has prompted me to write this blog and share my thoughts on coloring a child’s hair. And through the years I have been asked countless times to do kids hair but never this young, I looked at the mother who is a great client of mine and said ‘really’ she assured me it was what her little girl wanted because her best friend got highlights, and she was at her whit’s end with her, so she brought her to me to add some blonde in her hair or scare her.

    My Personal rule is, I might put 1 or even 2 foil highlights in the front of the hairline at 8, which I caved in and did in fear my client would try to do it at home just to stop her 8 year olds crying, and her frowning was killing me, but no more ten that, “remember kids are finicky and get bored of things easily”, she was 8 going on 18.
    In conclusion, today kids are smarter and more aware then I was as a kid, the wants are different today and so are the peer pressures, we hear of 8 year old little girls and boys are on diets just to be able to wear the latest hippest clothes or are using expensive computers and getting almost everything they want. Times are fast, pressures are high but something’s should remain innocent, children’s hair truly should be naturally lightened by the sun the ocean or by simply just playing outside, let a kid be a kid at least till puberty then have them come see me .

    My Recommended Products for Children.

    Aveda, Shampure shampoo and conditioner

    Aveda, Brilliance shampoo and conditioner

He is Legend: RIP Michael Jackson

    Today we lost a brilliant performer and extraordinary man, whose contribution to entertainment is incomparable. Michael Jackson's ability to triumph over racial boundaries at a time when MTV didn't play black artists will forever impact the African-American presence in the mainstream. His spirit was infectious, his enthusiasm and eager to please us was evident in every performance. He revolutionized the recording industry, influencing everyone from Britney Spears to Usher, but his trend-setting ways transcend the realm of music. In military jackets, dark aviators, shiny black loafers, white socks, glittery gloves and top hats, Michael Jackson catapulted himself into the highest stratosphere of pop stardom, shared only perhaps by Elvis and Madonna. 

    A giant in American cultural history, Michael Jackson redefined what it meant to be a superstar. I remember getting goosebumps as a young child watching his forward leans that defied gravity and his impossibly smooth Moonwalk. I remember learning every dance move to Remember The Time (when he appeared out of gold dust! too cool!) and being terrified of the haunted house scene in Thriller. Now that I'm a young adult, he represents the wonderment of my youth, a time when I was filled with joy, and excitement, and promise. In his passing, I recognize him as the best star of my generation but he was so much more. A friend who connected to my soul and captured my innermost thoughts through music. A part of my youth and spirit, present at every milestone in my life. A beautiful, complicated person who I love, despite any rumor or eccentricity, and will miss dearly. Below, a fashion tribute to the purveyor of cool, our beloved entertainer, Michael Jackson. And a nod to the generation that will follow in his legendary, loafer-clad footsteps.

    The glittery glove, military jacket and aviators were all a part of his otherworldly, larger-than-life persona. His over-the-top style quickly made him into a fashion icon.

    No other man could make thick white socks and loafers look as cool. The extravagant take on formal menswear became Michael's signature. Though singers like Ne-Yo mimic MJ's style, no one can pull it off with as much finesse as he did.

    Before pop stars of today donned metal bodysuits, MJ's metallic, robotic moment was a foray into the future of fashion. Michael Jackson was truly ahead of his time.

    Details like the one-gloved hand and studded pants add an edgy appeal to his glamorous sequined jackets. Now, the glove---sometimes, glittery, sometimes, white---is an enduring phenomenon 
    copied by celebs to this day.

    The same pop stars that mimic Michael Jackson's captivating dance steps and infectious hits turn to him when it's time to get dressed too. Celebs like Kanye and Rihanna take their cue from the King of Pop's fashion wardrobe, rocking the military jacket trend he made famous. 

    Rihanna in Balmain (one of MJ's fave designers)

    Editrix Nina Garcia in a military-inspired jacket at Bryant Park

    Kanye West with girlfriend, Amber Rose, at Fashion Week.

    Beyonce in a Balmain jacket in NYC

    Michael Jackson left an indelible imprint on music and fashion but is just as well known for his videos. Always groundbreaking from plot development to dance sequences, his work helped to establish music videos as a respected art form, paving the way for shows like TRL and 106 & Park. Enjoy some of his greatest music videos, including the greatest of all time: Thriller! 

    Rock with You

    Scream featuring Janet Jackson

    Beat It

    Remember the Time

    Smooth Criminal



    Superbowl Performance 1993

    Glamazons, what trend are you rocking in honor of MJ? What is your favorite Michael Jackson memory? What song or video of his do you love the most? What did he mean to you? What do you think the impact of his death will be on pop culture? What legacy do you think he'll leave behind? 



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