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Fall Trends! Fabulous Forties

    Maybe designers are recognizing the genius of Forties Fashion, an era where femininity was truly celebrated. Maybe designers are paying tribute to the Great Depression, as we currently face an increasingly dire economic state. But no matter the intention, there's no denying it: we're witnessing a revival of 1940's Fashion.

    The glamour, the power, the elegance of the WWII era is being reborn in demure necklines, hemlines that hit just below the knee, belted waists and pencil skirts.

    It's a powerful look that speaks to women in the 1940's who singlehandedly supported the household while their husbands were at war; they were sharp, feminine and in control. The key pieces? Elbow length gloves. Thin belts. Tailored Suits. Long, elegant gowns. Dramatic hats. Peplum waists. Broad shoulders. Cinched waists. Oh, and lots of fur.

    Victoria Beckham in her own design.

    Amy Adams in Roland Mouret

    L'Wren Scott

    Chris Benz

    Elie Saab


    So classy!

    Here's how to make the look wearable. Invest in a thin belt to wear over sheath dresses and suits. The cinching was a staple of the classic, feminine 40's silhouette.

    And embrace fall's hottest new 40's-inspired cocktail trend: peplum.

    It's a single skirt layer that flares over a fitted dress or dances around the bottom of a blazer. It adds a flirty femininity to fitted looks and forms an hourglass figure by accentuating the waistline and adding to the curve of the hips.

    Behnaz Sarafpour

    Whitney Port

    Elle Macpherson

    Charlize Theron


    Piece To Buy: A peplum dress or jacket will give your wardrobe an instant update. If you have curves, the silhouette will accentuate them in the most feminine way. If you're boy-shaped, the look will create them where they didn't exist. Either way, the fit-and-flare silhouette provides a flirty, fashion-forward look that's very now.


    Add a touch of forties glamour to your wardrobe this season with red-carpet inspired faux fur looks with down-to-earth price tags. Indulge in the ultimate recession luxury with the affordable fur shawls, vests and jackets below. P.S. If a fur coat, vest or shawl is too luxurious for your taste, add a small dose of drama with fur-lined purses, gloves and even boots.

    Christian Lacroix

    Andrew GN

    Derek Lam

    J. Mendel


    Ashley Olsen

    Victoria Beckham

    Piece to Buy: A fur jacket or vest that's as versatile as it is affordable. Look for one that can go edgy with a tank and boyfriend jeans or full-on glamourous with a cocktail dress and stilettos.



The New Hair Color ‘IT’ Model

    Agyness Deyn is no stranger to most people with her edgy hair striding down the runways and magazine covers and this year she changed her hair color in three dramatic different shades and is being heralded by those in the industry as the modern day Linda Evangelista. Memories of decades past and the influence supermodels had with their hair cuts and hair colors, the granddame Ms Linda Evangelista made a huge impact on our industry and my pocket book as well as having fun with my clients. I don’t think we have seen any model nor celebrity that has made that type of “splash” since Linda and Jennifer Aniston until now and having several of my own clients bring me Agyness’s pictures this past year as references for hair color and cuts is fantastic because there bold yet classy and fun to do, and in these economical troubled times we all need a lift, a change, and hair color is a feel good item people will always buy, and maybe we will see more and more models and celebrity’s changing their hair and bring back the spotlight on hair color change globally.

Fall Trends! I <3 The 80's

    Hey Glamazons!!!

    September's arrived replete with falling leaves, shorter days and colder weather. While I live for new fashion trends (hello sexy 80's!), it's a huge hassle to overhaul your entire wardrobe, especially when you're trying to save every penny you can. Sigh. The good news? You can dust the mothballs off your cold-weather staples and buy a few double-duty trendy pieces to transition you fashionably into Fall.

    And as always, I've done the work for you and found items you can buy at your local malls and favorite websites - you love me, don't you? Keep clicking back for a series of Fall Trend posts with celebrity style, runway looks and lots of tips and tricks to make the trend work for you! After the last post, print this guide, hit the malls and watch your closet transform on a dime.

    80's Baby!

    The 80's are here to stay (and will be around this Spring too!). Before you are overcome with nightmares of pouffy skirts and wild hair (see SATC above), note that the new 80's remix is sharp and decidedly sophisticated this season. The 80's girl is still fun and look-at-me glamorous, but she's all grown-up now.

    Shoulder Pads

    Fashion goes back to the future with shoulder pads from the 80's. You have my approval to go digging through your Mom's closets for a sexy, early Madonna-inspired blouse or Micheal Jackson military jacket to rock the look.

    Does it get any better than Rihanna's Balmain white lace blouse with shoulder pads?

    Coats and jackets, like Kim Kardashian's, take on a commanding, powerful feel with strong shoulders this season. The key to nailing the severe silhouette without looking broad? Make sure to balance it with a nipped-in waist.

    Marc Jacobs shows how to embrace the 80's strong shoulder silhouette. The narrow waist adds a much-needed dose of femininity to the strong shoulder look. Added bonus? The voluminous shoulders make your waist look even tinier.

    Piece to Buy: A Michael Jackson-inspired military jacket with shoulder pads. Go for the jacket with embellishments---studs, embroidery, sequins---that really makes a statement. Compliment by pairing with basics like a white tank and black skinny's; a black jumpsuit; even a neon pink dress from summer.

    I wore the military jacket with shoulder pads with a black sweater dress to a Honey Magazine party last week to rave reviews and was told it was everything by the gay guys (when they co-sign, you know you look good!). Rihanna, Kanye West, Angela Simmons and Beyonce all seem to agree.

    Affordable brands, like Bebe and Topshop, are selling fab jackets this season that borrow from celeb-favorite Balmain in look and style. An even better deal? Add shoulder pads to the blazer/jacket you already own. Just make sure the fabric is strong enough to withstand the extra padding.

    80's Haute Pink

    Electric pink hues are this season's bright idea. But in flashy florescent shades that work with every skin tone, they're anything but pretty. Just like in my guide to summer brights, remember to pair this bold shade with neutrals like gray and black to tone down the explosion of color (unless you're Heidi Klum and can rock a head-to-toe pink suit).

    Marc Jacobs delivers again with a sexy hot pink look offset with black accents.

    Dolce & Gabbana showed a ruched fitted hot pink dress with shoulder pads and a narrow waist.

    Heidi Klum thinks pink in a sexy suit.

    Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon proves that pink is the new black.

    Piece to buy: Neon blouses that mesh brilliantly with your toned-down neutral staples. They have more versatility than you think. You can wear a neon pink blouse under a gray suit at work just as easily as you can rock it with a black miniskirt and leather jacket for the club.

    Acid Wash Jeans

    Grab your favorite pair of acid wash jeans from 1987 because they're back and more popular than ever this season! The update? Acid wash skinny leg jeans. The look can be cropped, distressed or ripped, but always fitted.

    Balmain showed an 80's redux with military jackets and sexy acid-wash jeans.

    Rihanna and Beyonce rock light and dark versions of the acid wash trend. Their colored accessories pop perfectly against the faded wash.

    Kim Kardashian rocks the trend in a sleek acid-wash jacket. Loves! If you really want to embrace the decade's comeback, go for an acid wash denim vest, an 80's wardrope staple.

    Get the look from your fave websites and stores:

    And I absolutely adore these plus-size acid-wash jeans from Torrid:

    Stay tuned for more!



Holiday '09 Beauty Sneak Peak: Bobbi Brown

    Hi Pretties! Even though Fashion Week is over (whew!) I've still been swamped with work and my life is super hectic right now. But I'm never too busy to share the latest and greatest in beauty news with you! =)
    With that said, here's a look at some of the fab new offerings for the upcoming holidays from Bobbi Brown.
    Most of them are limited edition and available beginning Oct. 1, so snatch 'em up while you can!
    And be sure to stay tuned for more holiday beauty goodies.

    Limited Edition Earth Metal Lip & Eye Palette, $60
    Available October 2009 at Bobbi Brown counters and
    Inside this chrome-accented compact, you'll find six high-shimmer eye shadows, four creamy lip colors, a mini eye shadow brush and mini lip brush.
    Eye Shades
    -Autumn Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
    -Earth Metal Metallic Eye Shadow
    -Zinc Metallic Eye Shadow
    -Black Spruce Metallic Eye Shadow
    -Sunset Gold Metallic Eye Shadow
    -Antique Gold Metallic Eye Shadow
    Lip Shades
    -Paisley Rose Creamy Lip Color
    -Rose Garden Creamy Lip Color
    -Rose Bud Creamy Lip Color
    -Barefoot Shimmer Creamy Lip Color
    Extreme Party Mascara
    I was super excited to test out this new mascara from Bobbi Brown! In fact, it's so new that I don't have a price and availability for it yet (lol! don't worry, I'll post as soon as I get it). An all-day layer-able mascara, it contains a "reactivation" formula so each new coat remains as clean and buildable as the first. Keeps lashes separated and soft between coats and the tapered, two-fiber brush grabs even small hard to reach lashes. It dries fast, is smudge proof and contains Vitamins A, C and E. And the best part? After all that layering, it removes easily with eye makeup remover!
    Shades: Black
    Limited Edition Chrome Palette, $75
    Available November 2009 at all Bobbi Brown counters and
    Icy, shimmery accents for eyes and lips! Inside this fold-out palette you'll find 10 eye shadow shades, 4 lip shades, a mini eye shadow brush and a mini lip brush.
    Eye Shades
    -White Eye Shadow
    -Polar Ice Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
    -Storm Cloud Sparkle Eye Shadow
    -Iron Eye Shadow
    -Thunder Metallic Eye Shadow
    -Moonlight Sparkle Eye Shadow
    -Cyber Grey Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
    -Foil Metallic Eye Shadow
    -Chrome Metallic Eye Shadow
    -Charcoal Haze Eye Shadow
    Lip Shades
    -Pink Mist Shimmer Lip Gloss
    -Winter Bronze Glitter Lip Gloss
    -Berry Glitter Lip Gloss
    -Chrome Pink Shimmer Lip Gloss

    Limited Edition Chrome Eye Shadow, $22
    Available October 2009 at all Bobbi Brown counters and
    Developed with highly reflected pearls, this formula looks like liquid metal on lids and reflects light beautifully.
    Eye Shades
    Silver, Gold & Pewter

    Goldstone Long-Wear Eye Palette, $40
    Available October 2009 at all Bobbi Brown counters and at
    When Bobbi says her eyeshadows are going to last, she means it. I literally wore this from 8 a.m. to after 1 a.m. once (yeah, just a regular work day for me haha) and did not have to reapply, nor did it smudge. Created to last from dusk till dawn, this long-lasting eye look contains two shades of Long-Wear Cream Shadow, one shade of Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and a dual-ended mini Cream Shadow/Ultra Fine Eye Liner brush.
    Eye Shades
    -Goldstone Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow
    -Mineral Dust Long-Wear Cream Shadow
    -Caviar Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

    Limited Edition Black Plum Deluxe Beauty Trunk, $500
    Available October 2009 at all Neiman Marcus Bobbi Brown counters
    Um, I need this to live. THE definition of glamorous, this luxurious trunk contains multiple levels to organize beauty essentials, tools and skincare.

Fall Trends! Ode to Draping & Ruching

    Hey Glamazons,

    I don't pick favorites in fashion, but if there was any genius silhouette and fabric technique to emerge as a huge trend within the five years I've worked in this industry, it's draping and ruching. Short of getting plastic surgery to become Beyonce or Amber Rose, there is nothing you can do to better create and accentuate curves than buy a draped or ruched dress. And they are everywhere this season (and next! Spotted on the Spring 2010 runways!!).

    The gathering and/or layering of fabric vacillates between flowy and fitted to create a masterpiece where your flaws are flattered and your curves are celebrated. Don't believe me? Check out the draped & ruched celebrities below and then try one on for size! And of course, I have tips for you at the end; when draping goes bad, you look like you threw a blanket over your shoulder and came outside...take heed.

    Draped and ruched beauties - Kerry Washington, Sanaa Lathan, Zoe Saldana and Rihanna

    Yigal Arouel showed a turtleneck dress that gathered at all the right places.

    Derek Lam's ruched dress creates a beautiful silhouette that's subtly sexy.

    Donna Karan - the fluid silhouette looks stunning on eveningwear.

    Balenciaga skirt accentuates the curve of the hips while minimizing the waist.

    Just gorg. This silhouette is truly a woman's dream!! Make the most of a few tips (below) and draping/rouching will become your best friend this Fall:

    Don't - wear a draped dress that's too loose, i.e. it mirrors a toga. Too much fabric and you look like Jesus of Nazareth.

    Do - wear draped blouses with fitted pants and draped skirts with fitted tops to create a balanced, flattering silhouette.

    Don't - wear a too-tight dress. Nothing's tackier than a ruched dress that's too tight. It looks like the fabric is creasing at each of your stomach rolls. ::Shudders::

    Do - be mindful of the length. Ruched dresses that are too short can look extremely cheap - looks that graze the top of the knees are always best.



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