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3 Things You Need To Prettify Yourself For New Year's Eve

    Hey Glamazons! Got your outfit together for tonight? Now it's time to get your face together! Side note: Yes, in true beauty junkie form I'm more concerned about what type of makeup I'm going to be wearing rather than what type of dress and shoes I'm going to be wearing. I usually just end up wearing something short, fitted and black anyways hahaha
    So whether you decide to go all out over the top with your look or decide to keep it low-key, here are 3 ideas that you might want to look into:

    #1. Please do glitter. And lots of it! I mean, think about it: tonight is the one night of the year (well, besides Halloween that is) that you can actually get away with wear tons of glitter on your eyelids, face and wherever else you dare. While I usually pile it high onto my eyelids, there are other subtle things you can do such as apply a glitter-infused faux lash or just paint your nails with something sparkly.

    #2. Remember to moisturize your face before even applying your makeup. While there are some that don't drink (or won't be drinking tonight) there are others that plan on getting pretty, well, sh*tfaced. (Or maybe you don't really plan on it, but since where you're going will include lots of alcohol you definitely plan on partaking in the drinking of libations.) Even if you aren't drinking, it's probably cold outside where you are. You don't want your skin to look flaky, dry or unglowy-like at all during the night, so remember to apply a good moisturizer (based on your skin type, of course) after washing your face and before your primer and makeup.

    #3. Don't go to sleep with makeup on your face. I know, I know, I've told you this before but I can't emphasize how important it is for you to not do this and I could go on a scientific rant about what it does to your skin but I won't. Instead, I'll ask if you really want to wake up with mascara and eyeliner encrusted into your eyes or red lipstick on your pillowcase? Yeah, not a sexy look, ladies. Just do like I do and keep a batch of makeup remover towelettes on your night stand!

    Don't forget to send us your super hot NYE looks and we'll include you in our round-up post! Have fun and be safe =D

7 Last Minute New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

    So you finally found a party to hit for New Year's Eve and still haven't decided what to wear? Not to worry! Here are seven spectacular outfit ideas that you can pull together for tonight's party. And scroll down all the way down to browse through an assortment of our favorite dresses, accessories, pumps and clutches to bring in 2011 in style.

    Silver Belle

    If your goal is to sparkle and shine, look no further than a sequined dress. Since most glamazons hitting the party circuit will turn to sequins, dress it up with unique pieces like a knuckle ring or a starburst cuff that make your outfit stand out. While metallic is a New Year's Eve favorite, even it can use a burst of color. This season's plum eyeshadow or lips are the perfect compliment. Gorg!

    Black with Gold Accents

    No time to shop? Here's how to turn a black and gold dress into something fabulous. Go for the gold; it looks regal and stunning when paired with basic black. Throw in this season's tribal trend a cuff in a brilliant pattern; it's like wearable art!

    shu uemura Gem Glam Pressed Eye Shadow is all you need to get that irresistible golden glow that looks gorgeous on any complexion; I should know I wear it all the time! (Seriously, I'm obsessed.) Now for the killer shoes---jeweled or sequin-encrusted pumps are the perfect adornment to give your look some personality. And don't forget a sparkly gold polish for your nails!

    Pop of Color

    Have a fuschia/royal blue/green dress that you're dying to wear this NYE? Compliment it with metallic basics that are memorable.

    Glitter pumps, crystal-lined fur shrug, vintage rings, each piece should be as beautiful and special as the dress itself. Since I think pairing silver or gold with any color dress is boring, I mix it up with pieces that have a little bit of both. This silver, gold, diamond and horn cuff does the trick; it's unique enough to warrant a second...and third look.

    Shop our faves:

    Tweet, Facebook and email us pictures of your New Year's Eve outfit. The best looks will be featured in our NYE recap post!

    Happy 2011!



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