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Avant-Art Hair #1

GLAM OR SHAM?: Kristin Davis Dazzles in Gold Vintage Norman Norell at the Sex and the City II UK Premiere

    Kristin Davis is simply stunning at the Sex and the City II UK premiere.

    The beautiful actress opted for a vintage Norman Norell gown from Decades that evoked 60's decadence and glamour.

    Her second look from Decades (Kristin wore a Jean Desses gown from Decades to the NYC premiere), the halter gown boasted dazzling gold sequins and an elaborate jeweled band below the bustline.

    Kristin completed the look with Jimmy Choo shoes and lovely, voluminous locks.

    Do you love Kristin's glittering gold gown? What's your verdict: is it GLAM or a SHAM?



    Photo: Getty Images.

GLAM OR SHAM?: Kim Cattrall Gives Us Old Hollywood in Thierry Mugler at the Sex and the City II UK Premiere

    Kim Cattrall is the quintessential screen siren at Sex and the City II's UK premiere.

    The actress wore a vintage Thierry Mugler corseted wrap gown, accented with a colorful Fred Leighton brooch.

    The neckline, in which one bust is purposely higher than the other, is delightfully elegant and regal. And the draping elongates Kim's gorgeous figure. Her drop diamond earrings and bracelets made the look even more glamorous.

    Cattrall's hair and makeup completed the Old Hollywood Glam look with sultry, marcel waves, full lashes and soft pink lips.

    What do you think of Kim Cattrall's sophisticated look at the London premiere? Is it GLAM or just a SHAM?



    Photo: Getty Images.

GLAM OR SHAM?: Sarah Jessica Parker Pays Tribute to Alexander McQueen...and Wears The Most Dramatic Hat

    Though we all adored her yellow Valentino moment, it cannot compare to Sarah Jessica Parker's look at the UK premiere of Sex and the City II.

    The lead actress paid tribute to her dear friend, the late Alexander McQueen in a gorgeous black and lace gown from his Spring 2008 collection. The tulle and contrast of the lace bodice is so high-fashion, so McQueen.

    Sarah Jessica Parker paired the look with a theatrical Phillip Treacy hat with sparkling embellishment and Alexander McQueen black lace platform.

    While some think the hat looks like glittering tumbleweed, others think it is an appropriate tribute to McQueen who had a documented love for the dramatic.

    As a sign that she is in mourning, Parker wore a black arm band with two stones.

    Sarah Jessica Parker was a dear friend of Alexander McQueen and wore his gorgeous pale green dress to the Sex and the City premiere in London in 2008, also paired with a Phillip Treacy hat.

    Here's what Parker had to say about the designer at the time of his passing: "He was talented well beyond his years, and the seriousness and unrivaled talent which he applied to his work is in bountiful display year after year and collection after collection," she said. "There has never been anyone like him. And there simply never will be. It has been a privilege for all of us to know you. You will be indescribably missed."

    Parker was recently enlisted by the CFDA to present Alexander McQueen a posthumous award at this year's ceremony. And in other McQueen news, Sarah Burton, former director of Alexander McQueen's womenswear, was named Creative Director of the brand.

    What do you think of SJP's dramatic tribute to her dear friend? Is it over-the-top or fashionably appropriate? GLAM or a SHAM?



    Photo: Getty Images.

GLAM OR SHAM?: Cynthia Nixon Wears A Long Weave to the Sex and the City II London Premiere

    Let me start off by saying: I love the color of Cynthia Nixon's teal Narciso Rodriguez gown. It makes her strawberry blonde curls and eye color pop. Her earrings are also stunning. But that's where the compliments end.

    I am the Weave Queen but her extensions looks super thin, and obviously fake. It seems as if Cynthia's hairstylist randomly decided to clip in a track before she stepped out the limo.

    A better job of blending, and a thicker head of hair, would've fared better here. And I would've wore my hair off my neck in a gown that boasts such an intricate neckline.

    Speaking of the neckline, I would've loved to see Cynthia in a dress that filled out her bust. This dress brings attention to her bustline, and not in a good way.

    What do you think? Do you like Cynthia's long hair? What do you think of the gown? Glam or Sham?



    Photo: Getty Images.

Friday Fashion Spotlight: The Cocktail Ring

    Making a style statement with a big colorful and dramatic cocktail ring is the latest trend in fashion forward accessories. These fabulous baubles are showing up on many hands and not only worn for cocktail party’s but simply as just a ring on a casual day. The cocktail ring was premiered in the speakeasies of the prohibition era; the fashionable and daring females of the 1920s would wear rings with giant fake jewels to showcase their gorgeous gowns and their illegal cocktails. In the 50’s and 60’s a new name was given to the cocktail ring – dinner ring which lady’s would put on when they were attending a special dinner party or out for dinner at an expensive restaurant. And for the longest time the cocktail ring was only worn with a gown used as an accessory for those occasional events, it also disappeared out of fashion and very rarely seen. Today the ring is a fantastic statement of style and a popular trend, it can literally make wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt smashing with a small detail like a cocktail ring.

Bronzed Beauties: The Kardashian Sisters Launch New Self-Tanner

    Because, after all, you can't be on QuickTrim, dress in bathing suits from their swimwear collection or in their clothing line from BeBe without having a tan! Duh.
    Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian have finally dropped the beauty news about their upcoming Kardashian Beauty Line (which we all knew was coming since the news debuted about them being the new faces for PerfectSkin; not to mention Kim's appearance at this year's CEW Beauty Awards) and the first product is none other than the Kardashian Glamour Tan Self-Tanning Gel.
    The gel will retail for $34 and is sold exclusively at Sephora stores and Evidently the girls have done their homework because it's chock full of antioxidants and vitamins C, E and D. It also contains the exclusive ingredient Imudulin, which stimulates Vitamin D production for anti-aging effect that softens lines and crepiness. (Just to make sure that older woman know that they can use it, too, I'm sure!)
    I'm itching to get my hands on the stuff to test it out for myself. Do you think it will be any good Glamazons?


TOTAL SHAM: Christina Aguilera Cancels Summer 2010 Tour

    Maybe the comparisons to Lady Gaga were getting to her? Or maybe it was just the fact that the single Not Myself Tonight from the upcoming album tanked? (It debuted on the charts at #23. ) Or maybe it's because people aren't buying tickets?
    Whatever it is, Christina Aguilera cancelled her upcoming summer tour and moved it to 2011 citing that it was due to "prior commitments" she made to her upcoming film Burlesque. "The singer felt she needed more time to rehearse the show and with less than a month between the album release and tour dates this wasn't possible," Live Nation (the tour's promoter) released in a statement.
    And after she talked all that smack about how she was going to "wow" fans on this tour. Tsk, tsk, Christina. She claims that she's just being herself, but I think she's just being extra. The girl's got amazing singing skills, so why can't she just sing? Why does she have to show herself crawling all over the floor in tight leather, kissing girls and grabbing her crotch every 2.5 seconds? (I'm referring to her recent music video for the single Not Myself Tonight. Click here to watch it.)
    Not that I'm against artists expressing themselves, but this just looks tired and old on her. Not impressed. Yawn.


Jessica Simpson's Tragic Fashion Faux Paux's

    Why oh why won't Jessica Simpson just hire a stylist?! She's such a pretty lady and, though she doesn't say the most intelligent things in the world (ie admitting to the world that she doesn't brush her teeth every day) she could still do so much better when it comes to dressing herself. She wonders why people call her's because she wears clothes that are too fussy or just don't fit.
    Above, she attended the LG Fashion Party Monday night in a black and gray dress from Victoria Beckham's clothing line. But why did no one tell her that she's a bit too busty for it?!

    Here she's looking a bit better on Tuesday night at the 35th Annual Gracie Awards Gala that she attended with her mom. I must say though, I LOVE her makeup and hair. That voluminous ponytail is giving me LIFE!

    What do you think, Glamazons? Do you think the starlet should hire a stylist? Or continue dressing herself?


GLAM OR SHAM?: Lindsay Lohan's Porn Posters

    Alright, maybe I sensationalized that headline just a bit (lol) but Lindsay Lohan is totally playing porn star Linda Lovelace in the upcoming biopic, Inferno.
    The movie posters for the film were released today and depict a brunette Lohan (she's recently gone back to blonde) looking her usual troubled, half-naked self. The pics were shot by celeb photographer Tyler Shields. I know she's a crazy hot mess, but I'm rooting for her and definitely plan on checking out the film.

    What do you think of the movie posters, Glamazons? Are they GLAM or just a SHAM?


BREAKING NEWS: Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Formally Announce Pregnancy (Oh and Engagement)

    In what we can hardly call breaking news (since it was something that everyone knew already), singer Alicia Keys, 29, and music producer Swizz Beatz, 31, have formally announced that they're "expecting a baby and are engaged to be married in a private ceremony later this year" to I'm glad they decided to announce everything because Alicia has been obviously looking very pregnant for a while (see pics below). And, don't get me wrong, I love me some Alicia Keys, but don't you think that it's kind of messed up that she was totally screwing around with this guy that was (and still is) married?! I think it's interesting that no one talks about that. Hmmmmm....what do you think, Glamazons?

    Keys hid her baby bump in this voluminous Dolce & Gabbana frock Thursday at the Keep A Child Alive Black Ball fundraiser in London, England.
    Here she is hugging her fiance, Swizz. Can't you just see the love for him all over her face?!

    And here she is above (and below) trying hard to disguise her baby bump in all black outfits. Sorry, that didn't work! lol


Backstage Beauty: Patricia Fields Swimsational Disco Soiree

    Hey Glamazons! So, as you know, I attended Patricia Fields' Swimsational Disco Soiree Tuesday night. The best part? I got the inside scoop on the hair and makeup looks created for the show! (Which, you all know, I LIVE for hahaha).
    The makeup look was created by makeup artist Charlie for Vincent Longo. The inspiration? 1980's mannequins and soap opera stars!
    "Pat wanted a very strong woman, because you kind of have to be to wear a bikini," Charlie said of the makeup look. "We created a strong eye that was quite light in the inner corner and then dark and elongated at the outer corner. We wanted it to be sooty, dramatic. For the cheeks, we used strong peach and pink blushes, a cheek for a brave, strong female. Lips depended on the skin tone of the girl: darker skin received a fuschia pink and lighter skin got a dramatic red lip."

    Although the makeup was fierce, the hair was my favorite part! Lead hairstylist Rodney Cutler (for Redken; that's him at work below!) created a braided, fishtail updo...a great look for summer that's easy to do and looks like will keep you nice and cool. (It's also a cool alternative to a high bun). Here's how he created the look:

    -Prep hair by applying Redken Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion and blow dry through with a medium brush.
    -Tightly gather into a high ponytail on the very top of the head (about three inches fromt he hair line) and secure with an elastic.
    -To create the fish tail braid, split the hair to be braided into two equal sections. Pull a small strand of hair from the left section and add it to the right section. Then, pull a small strand of hair from the right section and add it to the left. This should create an "X." Repeat until all the hair is used. Secure with a plastic band.
    -Pin the braid in upon itself right at the hairline.
    -Finish the look with Redken's Vinyl Glam 02 Mega Shine Spray for shine and Force 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray for extra strong hold.
    -Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin.


Check out looks from Patricia Fields' Swimsational Disco Soiree

    If I had known that there would be cross dressers, sequins, feathers and boas all over the place at the Patricia Fields fashion show Tuesday night, I would have worn an outfit more suitable for the occasion. I mean, I WAS attending a soiree for one of the zaniest fashion designers of them all (who just so happens to also be the brains behind the Sex And The City costumes) so I should have known better, right? Instead, I was wearing my LBD best and a cute tuxedo jacket; great for a cocktail party, but not for a fashion party such as this. But, alas, I still had a blast and it was nice to hear the cross dressers calling me "gorge" while there, so I didn't feel too bad!
    Dubbed a "Swimsational Disco Soiree," the fashion show was a smorgasborg of bathing suits and cover-ups designed by Fields (ie David Dalrymple for House of Field), The Blonds and Ivan Sert. All shoes were from that fab Christian Siriano for Payless collection and gold jewelry from Ippolita. The sunglasses and and beach towels were designed by Field (House of Field).
    I was allowed backstage access and got the low-down on this amazing hair created by none other than Rodney Cutler (for Redken). Forget those high-tower buns! It's all about a braid, and this inverted fish-tail braid updo is pretty epic.
    "The high fishtail braid is a fun evening look and very wearable," Cutler said of the look. "We've seen so many buns up top and this is just taking it one step further."
    [More on the hair and makeup looks in the next post].
    Check out the pics below of the celeb attendees and looks from the fashion show below!

    Patricia Fields arrives on the scene. I just love her fierce red hair!

    The "waitresses" handing out drinks during the party were so awesome! I made friends with them all lol.

    The glamazing Richie Rich

    The fashion show and party were held on the rooftop at 230 Fifth Avenue. The view here is beautiful at night. I loved the potted palm trees that were all over the place!

    Kelly Rowland was at the party as well. I have no clue what Pat was going through when this pic was taken...I think she was yelling or something....smh.

    And (randomly) the model Jessica White was there. I'm still trying to figure out why she's relevant...and why she thinks that she shouldn't wear body lotion (ie her continuos state of ashiness, see elbows and heels pictured above) AND why she always has that tacky white deodorant showing underneath her armpits?!

    The actual fashion show consisted of models walking around on this deck in the looks amongst mannequins. I loved the looks, but don't the suits are actually functional bathing suits. They're more like "lounging" suits haha.


NEW!! Diddy Launches Diddybeats Headphones, Calls Them "Fly as Ferraris"

    Diddy and Dr. Dre collaborate on DiddyBeats headphones.

    It's been a great past couple of months for King Combs. Diddy's successful clothing line, Sean John, inked a deal to be sold exclusively at Macy's. He joined the Interscope family and added Jay Electronica, Rick Ross and the fashionable Janelle Monae to his roster. And did I mention he has a hilarious role in the soon-to-be-released comedy, "Get Him to the Greek"?

    This man doesn't sleep. While promoting his new film on the media circuit (which included a brilliant interview on my fave show, "Inside the Actor's Studio"), Diddy found time to launch in-ear high-performance headphones.

    Because it's only right that you Diddy Bop to Diddy's music in Diddy's headphones. Duh.

    Yes what you see here folks is Anna Wintour Diddy Bopping at the MET Gala.

    Cleverly titled "Diddybeats," the headphones are as durable as they are stylish (and I'm a tough judge. I am always listening to my IPOD on the subway so cute, lasting headphones are a must for me).

    A collaboration between Diddy, Monster, Beats by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine (who also helped develop Mary J. Blige's "Melodies by MJB" sunglasses), the headphones will be sold exclusively at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile for $150.

    Jimmy Iovine told he chose Diddy specifically because "he's a pioneer in marrying music with fashion." And it doesn't get more fashionable than "Diddybeats" headphones. In fact, Diddy revealed to he wanted them to look as "fly as Ferraris." Man, I love this guy.

    The fly headphones come in white, powdered pink and black. What? You mean no sequined silver color to recall his shiny suit days? Bummer.

    Read more about "Diddybeats," Diddy's amazing new artists and what motivates him to stay at the top of his game here.




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