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GLAM OR SHAM?: Amber Rose in a Yellow Ruffle Gown at the Espy Awards

    By now, we all know the elements of Amber Rose's style: a skin-tight, spandex dress, a visible bra and killer high heels.

    Therefore, seeing the bald bombshell in a gown always comes as a surprise to me. Especially when it's yellow with tiered and flowing ruffles.

    The gown is very "My Little House on the Prairie" which wouldn't be terrible if her ginormous, biker rose tattoo wasn't on full tacky display. The combination is jarring.

    And the color combined with her platinum blonde hair washes her out so much even the pop of pink color on the lips doesn't help.

    What do you think of this look, Glamazons? Formal GLAM or Ignorant SHAM?

    Oh, and a lifetime supply of pink glitter to the person who can tell me why she was at the ESPY Awards in the first place? (Rumors that she's sleeping with Reggie Bush don't count...)

    And for old times' sake, check out Terry Richardson's photos below of the head-licking lovebirds, Amber Rose and Kanye West. Cute, in a gross kind of way...



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