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Call the Glambulance: Vaseline Creates a Facebook App that Makes You Look Whiter in Pictures

    Have you ever wanted to make yourself appear whiter in pictures? Me neither.

    Vaseline has created a skin-lightening Facebook app in India, which the country's notorious skin-bleaching and lightening cream epidemic makes even more disturbing.

    The goal of the app is to promote skin lightening creams to men, and the ad features Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor "with his face divided in dark and fair halves."

    If this seems appalling to you, you're not alone. People all over the web have expressed disgust at Vaseline's willingness to promote an unattainable Western standard of beauty. Moreover, skin-lightening creams pose a health threat as many products illegally contain steroids, causing harmful and painful side effects.

    In no way did Vaseline create the obsession with skin lightening creams in America and abroad (umm...everyone remembers Sammy Sosa's transformation below), but they certainly shouldn't feed the craze via Facebook.

    What are your thoughts? It is a genius and harmless business venture or should Vaseline be more socially responsible? Discuss.




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