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A Day In The Life: Interview w/Stacey Bendet, Creator of Alice + Oliva (Plus A Look At Her Newest Makeup Collection With MAC)

    Hey Glamazons! So, unless you've been hiding underneath a rock these past couple of weeks, I'm sure you've heard all about the fact that MAC hooked up with Alice + Olivia creator Stacey Bendet to create their newest collection . It's fun, flirty and consists of MAC's Dazzleglass Creme lipgloss, Pigment and Nail Lacquer. What's even more fun than playing with the products in the collection? Why, chatting with the designer herself! (That's us pictured together! Isn't she the cutest?! She agreed with me when I said we were very attractive lol) Last night was the official launch party and models along with the media elite gathered at The Beauty Bar to celebrate. Here's what Stacey had to say about the collabo:
    Ferocia: Why did you decide to the collection with MAC?
    Stacey: MAC has always been one of my favorite brands, just from the purpose of their makeup. I'm like obsessed with all of it and I'm always running to the makeup counters. They always have the most fun colors and, I don't know, I just feel like that's sort of like who my girl is. And, it's not that I don't try a million different makeups because I'm a big collector but, I just love how they do all of their branding. I've always loved how they do their collaborations. So, when they approached me to do something I was really excited because I felt like MAC and Alice + Olivia have a lot of sort of synergies. And it was great. It was so fun!

    Ferocia: So, were you really into it when you were creating the collection?
    Stacey: Yeah! We were playing with colors, working on the packaging and, you know, it was kind of like what they were like 'Whatever you think makeup is to Alice + Olivia, that's what we wanna do' and it was so sort of like free reign. It was a very fun collaboration.

    Ferocia: What's your favorite product in the line?
    Stacey: I'm obsessed with the nail polishes because I love funky nails. I have polka dots! I think the colors came out amazing. And the lip glosses are awesome. Like the yellow when you first look at it, it's like 'That's weird!' but then you put it on and it makes you glow.

    Side note: Here's the yellow lip gloss she's talking about. It's one of the Dazzleglass Creme's in 'I.Want.Candy' ($18)

    Ferocia: What was the inspiration behind the colors that you chose and the names?
    Stacey: Well, it was just supposed to be just quintessential Alice + Olivia. So, I wanted the colors to be like really bright, fun and unexpected. It tied into some of our summer collection but it also was just supposed be very like black, white pops of color.

    Ferocia: So, are you going to be giving us more cosmetic collections in the future?
    Stacey: I'd like to! We'll see!

    Ferocia: A fragrance?!
    Stacey: Maybe, we'll see, we'll see.

    Ferocia: What's the big thing that you must have when it comes to fall beauty?
    Stacey: I've been really into red lips. I think it's because my hair is so dark right now.

    Ferocia: Can you give us a sneak peek as to what we can expect from from Alice + Olivia this fall?
    Stacey: I'm wearing some of it now. It's really rich colors. Kind of rock and roll-y but in kind of a grungier way I'd say. So, there's some really fun pieces coming out. We also launched a whole career line which is all "sexy career." It's dresses and blazers that you can totally wear to the office and then go out in.

    The best part of the party were the free manicures! Below is my Beauty Blogging Junkie amiga Amber Katz and AOL Stylelist's Dana Oliver modeling their fresh manis. Fierce, right?! Love that it looks great on all skin tones.

    Here's the shade they're rocking. It's called 'Morning.After' ($12).

    And here's Dana and I sitting pretty at the event.

    The Alice + Olivia collection ranges in prices from $12-$20 and is now available for purchase at all MAC retail stores and Any other Glamazons out there that have gotten their hands on it? If so, what do you think? And who plans on purchasing this collection immediately?!


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