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Just Another Reason That Proves 'The Dream' Is A Loser

    Ok, Glamazons, he may be a musical genius when it comes to creating hit songs, but I've never been a fan of Terius Nash (also known at 'The Dream.') There's always been something about him that skeeves me out, so when I heard the news that Christina Millian was not only marrying him but also having his child, I hoped that maybe it would change my mind about him. (I'm all about the family man in Hollywood.) But, nope, it never changed. And now, I've just read that he and Millian have separated amidst reports that he cheated on her with his assistant of a year, Melissa Santiago. (Score one for the assistant who will now reach new heights of fame a la Rachel Uchitel style!)
    Although this pic (below) surfaced of Santiago straddling a wedding-ringless Nash in the Carribean over the weekend, The Huffington Post reports that Millian split from him back in late 2009 but kept the decision private in order to protect their baby daughter Violet. Weird because the couple originally wed in Vegas in September 2009 and even had a second ceremony in December. Why get married not once but twice if you've already decided to call it quits?!

    This will be the second disastrous marriage for Nash. (He was previously married to singer Nivea and they have three children together.) Maybe he's trying to compete with Diddy (who has 5 kids) as to who can have the most children and baby momma's?! (In Diddy's defense, at least he never married Misa Hylton-Brin, Sarah Chapman and Kim Porter.)

    Hmmm..what do you think of this situation, Glamazons? Will you continue to purchase music from 'The Dream?' Do you even care? (Because in actuality, I don't...I just wanted to further prove my point that Nash is a loser hahaha)


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