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GLAM OR SHAM?: Lindsay Lohan On The Cover Of German GQ (And Why Is She Dressed As A Nun Licking A Gun?!)

    While Lindsay Lohan may be freaking out about the fact that she's gonna have to serve some time in the slammer, at least she can get some kind of comfort in knowing that she finally landed on the cover of a decent magazine! Even though very few of us will be able to read the article (I mean, can you speak or read German?!) GQ is a pretty upstanding publication, wouldn't you say?
    What do you think of her look on the cover? I must admit that I love that super smokey eye and pale pink lip (she pulls the look off very well).

    And, since we're on the topic of Lohan, what's up with this photo that's surfaced of Lohan licking a gun?! Apparently, it's a movie poster for a new flick she's in called Machete, a Robert Rodriguez film in which she plays "The Sister."
    Hmm...interesting...first she's a famous porn star and now a naughty nun.
    What do you think of all this, Glamazons? GLAM or SHAM?


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