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Hair & Hair Color Challenges #15

    HCC Email/Questions

    Hi There
    My question is should we use heat or when can we use heat on hair color, in other words is using heat bad on the hair.
    Thank you

    I have always been a firm believer that each individual’s situation determines the approach I take regarding using heat on hair. First let me stress how important it is to understand that any manufactures will discourage using heat for several reasons the main reasons is liability hence the big bold print DO NOT USE HEAT with our products, in our words anything that goes wrong is the responsibility of the hairdresser.
    I do use heat particularly on dark natural levels that want to be super blonde, and in today’s society with everyone rushing no one wants to sit in a salon for 2 /3 hours to process.
    So I use a low volume of developer and basically apply 10 to 15 minutes of heat almost at the end of the processing period (this is strictly for blonde highlights) very rarely do I use heat on my all over Tints. I would also use some heat when I am doing creative hair colors like bleaching pieces so I can then apply intense colors. But if anyone who is doing hair color with less then 2 /3 years experience I would suggest not using heat until the art of hair coloring becomes second nature. I love using a Roller Ball it is a softer type of heat that evenly distributes the heat around the head, however it is still heat and remembering that heat excels the processing faster and can if not watched carefully run away meaning too light.
    And as always one must use their own discretions, is that individuals hair strong enough to take a bit of heat? do you need to use it? and do you have time to watch it ?

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