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Thierry Mugler Introduces New Fragrance: Womanity

    Finally Glamazons! A fragrance created with real women such as myself, Coutura and you in mind.
    I will admit that I've been slightly swamped as of late (already slightly is an understatement; I'm swamped) and I didn't even get a chance to attend the actual launch event the brand invited me to last month. However, I was sure to request a bottle so I could check it out and then it stayed right there in the box on my dresser until yesterday. It was pretty late and I'd just finished brainstorming some more beauty post ideas for, when I decided that a good spritz of fragrance would provide the pick-me-up I needed.
    My eyes went to SJPNYC (Sarah Jessica Parker's newest fragrance) because it makes me feel all Sex And The Cityish (yes, sometimes I pretend that I'm Carrie Bradshaw..don't judge me) but then I opened up the pink box of Womanity instead.
    And wowza! This stuff is amazing, Glamazons. First off, let's talk about the packaging. There may be light pink liquid inside, but it looks very strong; almost like an Amazonian-totem-pole-statuette-thingie wouldn't you say?
    Thierry Mugler said that he designed the bottle to look this way because "it is designed for a woman who leaves her mark; like a woman who would have her statue made." However, he said that he created it with practicality in mind. "This is very important for me and for women in terms of their everyday lives," he said.
    Now, let's get into the actual fragrance. The cool part about this stuff is that it contains the strangest ingredients. It opens with a note of fig, then there are notes of caviar and somehow it manages to get all woodsy with some fig wood and leaf. See? Doesn't sound too enticing, right? But that Mugler is some kind of fragrance genius in that he got the combination just right so it smells sweet, spicy and dries down to some serious sexy.
    Now it's your turn to try it! Womanity will be available for purchase at Bloomingdale's next week (August 2010) and Nordstrom as well as by October 2010.
    Prices range from $98 (for 2.7 oz) to $58 (for 1.0 fl oz). There's also a shower gel ($40); body milk ($45); body cream ($55); and 1.7 oz refill bottle ($58).
    Let us know what you think of it once you nab your own bottle!


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