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Call The Glambulance: Bed Bugs Attack NYC Stores

    This Just In: New York City has a horrible bedbug problem. Seriously.

    If you've lived here over a year, and haven't experienced it in your apartment, consider yourself lucky.

    The issue is so disastrous, bed bugs can now be found in areas where no one sleeps like your favorite NYC store.

    According to The Cut Blog, Hollister in Soho, Abercrombie & Fitch on the Seaport and most recently, Victoria's Secret have all reported bed bug problems. Each of the stores closed to treat the bed bugs and Vicky's Secret specifically removed and destroyed the pieces that the bed bugs got ahold of.

    They also enlisted a bedbug-detecting dog (can I get one of those?) and cryonite (which freezes pests dead with carbon dioxide vapor) to detect and kill the pests. 

    Bed bugs also travel in luggage on airplanes so a good rule of thumb is to constantly launder your garments. And make good friends with an exterminator!




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