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Call The Glambulance: Taylor Momsen Really Doesn't Brush Her Hair And Smears Black Eyeliner All Over Her Eyes Daily!

    Ok, Glamazons, this is a topic that has been much speculated on in the beauty world: does Taylor Momsen ever comb or brush that straggly mess of a weave on her head?
    The 16-year-old Gossip Girl star recently revealed to the world (via MTV) that no, she doesn't brush her hair. Now we can stop wondering why her extensions look a hot sizzling burning mess.
    Note to Taylor: weave must be brushed (or combed) so it won't look like this:

    Also, we can stop wondering who does her makeup. Shortly after revealing that she fired her stylist, I immediately started thinking that her makeup artist should be fired as well. But, oh wait, she does her own makeup! Hence why that also looks a sizzling mess. Here's what she had to say about her makeup application:

    "I put a ton of black on my eyes, then I put on lipstick on and a little bit of blush and then, I don't brush my hair. [I use] whatever black eyeshadow and liner - that isn't empty- in my makeup case and charcoal it on."

    Really Taylor?! Now, don't get me wrong, I totally respect people's desire to assert their individuality and all that jazz, but why hasn't she realized that smearing black eyeshadow all around your eyes like that is just not attractive? Sigh.
    Well, she's young. I'm sure that this is a phase....on the bright side, at least she doesn't have weaveless patches showing like Britney.

    What do you think of her beauty regime (and look!), Glamazons?


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