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Soft Skin Wins!: The Products I Use To Keep My Skin Feeling Like Butta

    Disclaimer: Alright, my skin doesn't "literally" feel like butter (i.e. greasy) but I just like that saying so I decided to use it in my headline for this post hahaha
    Hey Glamazons! So, it's no secret among my friends that I have the some of the softest skin imaginable. I never really realized this until various people began to touch me (some on purpose, others on accident) and said "Wow! Your skin is so soft. What do you use?"
    Keep in mind this same comment has come from both men and women alike; which means it's time for me to share my skin softening secrets with you. This also means that I should share my techniques with you, so I'll give that you as well. It's probably not anything that you haven't really seen before, but maybe now you'll give them a second look:

    1. It all starts in the shower (or bath). At least once a week, take the time to give yourself a thorough scrub down with a fab body scrub. When you rub, don't be too rough as you don't want to bruise your skin. The ingredients in the scrub will do all of the hard work for you (i.e. getting you soft) so there's really no need to hurt yourself.
    2. When getting out of the shower (or bath) pat yourself dry. You could even go the Diddy route and let yourself air dry. (I read somewhere that he doesn't use bath towels when emerging from the shower hahaha).
    3. While still sort of damp, apply your moisturizer of choice. I've found that my skin soaks up body oils quickest when it's still semi-sorta wet making it softer-than-soft later.

    And this about sums it up! Also, be sure to shave ladies because hairy legs and arm pits are just not attractive no matter how soft your skin is...ew.

    Check out some of my fave products below (you may be shocked to see that most of 'em are pretty cheap buys right from your local drugstore). Please do share your fave finds with me as well!


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