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Katy Perry Reveals News Of Her Fragrance, 'Purr'

    Not to be outdone by the rest of celebrity America, Coutura's BFF Katy Perry (see them hanging out above) donned a purple wig and fitted mini with music notes Thursday and revealed her latest creation: a new scent called Purr.

    And from the looks of it, she worked pretty hard to get it just right. Calling herself a "pain in the ass" when it came to working on the fragrance, Perry told WWD that about 90 percent of it was done.
    "You can put all the bells and whistles on things, and it can still smell like sh*t," she said. "I was very particular about this....I couldn't put out something that I didn't 100 percent believe in. Even my cat Kitty Purry, like it."

    Well said, Perry! WWD also reports that she jokingly told one reporter to "go to hell" when asked how her wedding plans were going. (She's engaged to equally-as-crazy Russell Brand.) Now, that's my type of gal.

    As for why she decided to name it 'Purr', Perry had the below to say:
    "I'm a very lyrical-based person, and the whole 'purr' thing kept coming back - [the sound is in] perfume perfect, even Perry if you say it a certain way."

    Citing that she wanted her fragrance to be "completely unlike anything I'd smelled before," her new juice will include notes of peach nectar, apple and green bamboo, freesia, Bulgarian rose and vanilla orchid. All of this will accordingly be packaged in a cat-shaped bottle inspired by her very own Catwoman costume.

    Today she's slated to be holed up in a studio somewhere shooting the ads in what we're guessing will involve a lot of colorful, latex costumes.

    No info as to how much 'Purr' will cost, but it's set to launch in November at Nordstrom stores.

    What do you think, Glamazons? Does this sound like a fragrance you'll be purchasing when it launches?


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