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Call The Glambulance: Forever 21 Launches Teen Maternity Line

    The latest controversy involving chain store Forever 21 isn't a designer suing them for knockoffs (believe it or not) but the launch of their maternity line, Love 21.

    The collection of stretchy leggings, forgiving tops and flowy tunics is currently available in five states: Utah, Alaska, California, Arizona and Texas---and the latter three, as The Gloss pointed out, have the highest percentages of teen pregnancy. Is your mouth on the floor yet?

    If not, you aren't alone. Defenders of the collection are saying they aren't necessarily marketing toward teens...just, I guess, 21-year old expectant mothers. Others feel if teens are going to get pregnant anyway, you might as well dress them!

    What's your opinion? Genius marketing tactic or socially irresponsible business plan? Discuss.




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