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The New Dark and Handsome Face of Calvin Klein: David Agbodji or Coutura's in Love

    Boy, does Calvin Klein know how to pick them.

    We've drooled over Djimon Hounsou and marveled over Mechad Brooks. (Because I love you, I included all their ads below).

    But the latest star of the Calvin Klein ads is my personal favorite. Meet David Agbodji.

    The 23 year-old Parisian-born model of African descent was handpicked for the new Calvin Klein campaign. According to, he loves photography, karate and basketball. Oh, isn't that a coincidence? I love them all now too.

    Apparently, he's known for his full lips (gasp! so am I...) and is a Taurus (stop it! so am I...).

    Check out swoon-worthy pics of him getting dressed below. Yum, yum, yum. Whatever Calvin Klein is selling, I'm buying.

    Oh and as promised, a trip down man candy memory lane when you scroll down.

    ::Goes to fan herself::

    David Agbodji

    Djimon Hounsou

    Mehcad Brooks




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