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Serena Williams The Nail Technician?!

    Let's face it: when you reach the wonderful world of high-dollar celebdom, there's not really much else you can do. You get everything for free, any and all gigs are yours with just a simple phone call and the dollars just keep rolling into your bank account.
    Side note: why can't this be my life right now!? I'm so stressed out just trying to pay rent every month that I want to scream.
    But, I brought up that whole topic of what it's like to be an uber rich celeb to set the picture for the next question: what else do you do besides party, travel, work (i.e. make appearances) and just be rich? I mean, seriously ask yourself what else you'd do if this were your life.
    If you're professional athlete/celebrity-within-her-own-right Serena Williams, you delve more into a topic that you love: nails! According to Page Six, she's so in love with getting her nails done that she's enrolled herself into the Palm Beach Nail School so that she can become a certified nail technician.
    I mean, could you imagine Serena actually doing your nails?! I can't.
    But, if you're that passionate about something it only makes sense that you learn how the technique works for yourself, right? And it sounds like Serena is pretty passionate about it. She said that she goes to the nail salon "every four days to get a manicure and every seven days for a pedicure." Whew! That's a lot. I mean, I'm lucky if I can get in for a mani/pedi sesh once every couple of weeks. (I mostly paint my own nails at home.)
    Maybe she'll even open a nail salon. Hey, at least she's not doing the usual venture such as creating her own swimwear line like the Kardashian sisters...yawn...

    What do you think, Glamazons? Do you think that Serena will actually follow through with her plans and finish up to get the certification required to become a real nail technician? And do you think those are her sis Venus's feet that she's currently working on?! Whose feet are those?


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