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DVF The Fragrance Coming Soon To A Beauty Counter Near You!!

    Alright, so I don't think that's going to be the actual official name of Diane von Furstenberg's newest fragrance (DVF), but it would be pretty fitting if she did call it that, right?!
    According to WWD, von Furstenberg (who just happens to be one of my fave fashion designers even though I own nothing from her because I'm too poor to actually purchase it) has signed a beauty deal with ID Beauty to launch a fragrance this fall.
    And this "beauty deal" will also consist of skin care as well as color cosmetics. Super exciting stuff, Glamazons!
    This won't be von Furstenberg's first forage into the world of beauty. She had a fragrance in the 70's called Tatiana as well as a makeup collection in 1983. (Anyone actually seen any of these items?!)
    Diane teamed up with Chantal Roos, former president of YSL beaute, to create this upcoming fragrance so I'm sure that it's going to smell amazing.
    This is one that I can't wait to get my hands on! Any ideas as to how you think it will smell, Glamazons?! Would you wear a fragrance from Diane Von Furstenberg?


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