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Katy Perry to Launch Fashion Line

    Katy Perry is rumored to be in talks with Steve Madden to launch a fashion line via Page Six, and I could only be more excited if it was...Lady Gaga (C'mon, bubble or meat dresses for sale would be pure entertainment.)

    I'm positive Katy's theatrical style statements, from light-up dresses to colorful frocks, will delight fast teenage girls everywhere.

    The pop star---who is just as fun and out-of-control in person---gravitates toward vibrant, funky looks with youthful energy and plenty of sex appeal. And she just looves pin-up girl silhouettes.

    If that's not a formula for mass appeal, I don't know what is.

    Can we expect rainbow-colored dresses, blue and purple hair, candy-stripe skirts, light-up tanks, Elmo shirts and more raiding the Junior's section of department stores in the near future? I think so...and while I wouldn't wear it, I'm sure it will sell out the stores.

    With Steve Madden on her side, a successful fashion brand for Katy Perry is more than likely. Steve Madden has previously collaborated with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to produce Olsenboyle and Elizabeth and James, two popular fashion lines. And he recently covered Betsey Johnson's credit debt and bought her trademarks, increasing his investment in the brand. Smart business moves all-around!

    What do you think of Katy Perry's rumored fashion line? Will it be a hit? Would YOU rock her designs?



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