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Get The Look: Willow Smith's Whip My Hair Video

    As you guys know, I've been rooting for Willow Smith ever since she wore her leopard print outfit on the red carpet so no one's happier than me to see her new amazing video for Whip My Hair (except maybe her parents, lol).

    In addition to the vivacious looks (hello braided heart and bejeweled fingernails!) and the step routine (which so brought me back to my step team in junior high), my fave part is when Willow whips paint all over the white classroom.

    To me, it symbolizes how she brings a burst of energy, newness and color to the stagnant world of music/pop. And how brave do you have to be to stand out as a kid, when all the other nine year-olds are succumbing to peer pressure and trying to fit in?? Bravo little Willow!

    She told Ryan Seacrest: “You can’t be afraid to be yourself. You have to be yourself and you can’t let anyone tell you that it’s wrong!” That's some great teaching right there, Jada and Will.

    Now, for the point of this post: in celebration of Willow's video and general amazingness, I have decided to be her for Halloween, which is incidentally her 10th birthday. And I fully invite any of you guys to rock the costume as well (including my gay BF who already informed me he picked Willow first and is going as her too lol).

    Here, in my view, are the key elements to Willow's look. Let the search begin!

    1 - Braided Hair Heart

    Hello! If you're going to whip your hair back and forth, it better be a hot style. What's cooler than a nine year-old girl turning those silly braids your mom always put you in into an artsy, funky, standout style. I'm thinking of getting a braided hair wig so I can bobby pin a heart at the top, and still have some in the back to whip around all night long!

    2 - Bejeweled Fingernails and Lips

    Before critics go accusing of her of being too young to paint her nails, notice they're bejeweled and in funky colors - very fun and youthful, no? I'm painting each nail in a different color and slapping on some cute rhinestones to get the look. Oh and rhinestones will go on the lips too.

    3 - Funky Footwear

    If you're wondering what look Willow is most famous for, I'll tell you: it's the post that gets the most hits on our blog 'till this day: her Converse sneaker pants. I'd die to get my hands on those for Halloween (fashion Gods, do you hear me?) but if not, some funky lace-up leggings will work just fine.

    4 - Mixed Color and Prints

    Willow is pretty fearless when it comes to mixing colors and prints. Zebra print, pink, leopard print, graphic tops (love the "I <3 Me" top), red and white stripes, neon, buckles all mesh seamlessly together in Willow's fashion world. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the fun part. I look forward to mixing and matching to my heart's content right out of my own closet; I mean what other chance will I have to wear that electric pink top? Exactly...

    5 - Accessories Galore!

    If there's a ruffled purse or a pair of buckled boots on Willow's fashion radar, she's going to rock it and she won't let convention get in her way. I'm taking note: my colorful sequin purse will make its Halloween debut as well as a pair of fingerless gloves. Save your judgement; if Willow likes it, I love it!

    Here are some pieces to get the look below:

    And like every Halloween, send your pics to to get your costume featured in our roundup...can't wait to see the other 'Willows' out there!



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