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Lipstick Of The Moment: This Dark Berry Shade Worn By Jennifer Hudson

    I know, I know, we totally already discussed the Keep A Child Alive Ball Friday.
    However, it wasn't the fact of Alicia Keys performing with Sade that blew me away (I lie. It blew me partly away) but the fact that Jennifer Hudson's makeup and hair looked like this!
    I think it's only fair that we get a closer look at it:

    Due to my extensive stalker-like research on Twitter, I found that her makeup look was created by none other than the amazing Sam Fine! He twitpic'd this photo of her getting the finishing touches added to her hair before hitting the red carpet at the event:

    Not only is that body banging (get it Jennifer!) but you have to admit that she did a complete 360 from the beauty looks of her early days. Here she is at the event last year in London:

    Wouldn't you agree, Glamazons? But, back to the dark berry color above: not only is it the perfect shade for her skin tone, but it's also the perfect lipstick shade for fall. Ooooweee! Talk about some beauty inspiration. I looove this! As a result, I've been going through my collection of berry lipsticks and debating as to which shade I should start rocking. While I do that, you should totally check out (and buy!) some of my current faves on the market right now:

    What do you think, Glamazons? Do you love this lipstick shade on Jennifer just as much as I do?! Who else plans on rocking the berry lipstick look this fall as well?


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