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GLAM OR SHAM: Hitting Fancy Pants Events With Hairy Armpits Like Hilary Swank Did Last Night...

    Oh, Glamazons. I know that being a celebrity is really hard work and all and that sometimes it's easy to forget to do simple things like, say, shave your armpits, before hitting the red carpet of an event. But, isn't that what assistants are for? To remind you to shave yourself before you get out of the shower? (Maybe these celebs are so busy that they don't shower at all?! Ew.)
    Whatever the case may be, you will never find me running around anywhere with hairy armpits. In fact, I've got a whole armpit cutification routine that you can click here to read all about.
    Maybe I'll have an almost-but-not-quite-hairy leg, but I always panic when I notice and immediately start to unhairify myself as soon as possible.
    With that said, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this little bit of hair snapped peeking from underneath Hilary Swank's armpit from red carpet shots of last night's ELLE Magazine's Women in Hollywood Tribute party in Los Angeles.

    I mean, you really have to zoom in to see it and it doesn't take away from her (otherwise lovely) Calvin Klein dress but the fact that it's even there for anyone (like the Daily Mail) to zoom in on is enough to make me cringe. Ew. Maybe I'm being too judgmental, but if you're a celeb, it comes with the territory; you know people judging you on everything that you do. I'm sure that Hilary is a perfectly lovely woman, but that armpit hair, however is not.

    So, what do you think, Glamazons? Do you give it a GLAM or a SHAM? And how many of you out there actually have hairy armpits and think it's ok?!


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