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Lanvin for H&M - New Images!

    Lanvin for H&M continues to tease us by slowly releasing photos to build up hype for the launch. Cruel, right?

    The second image of the collection has hit the internet via Vogue UK. Where the first teaser showed black satin jackets and dresses with balloon necklines and rosettes, the second image is conversely vibrant and color-happy.

    Feminine flourishes like florals and ruffles define these pieces that are stylishly mixed with leopard print pumps and clutches. Tres chic!

    I'm partial to the satin black numbers, but the collection as a whole still seems fabulous. What do you think about the second image?

    In their campaign to get us all excited for the launch, the good folks at Lanvin for H&M are planning a runway show and a short film directed by Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas). Umm, can I just shop the clothes already? Thanks...

    Are you excited for the launch?



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