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Francois Nars Gives Us Yet Another (Beautiful) Reason To Paint Our Lips...

    Last month while visiting with a fellow beauty editor friend at the Allure magazine headquarters (yeah, that place is like heaven for a beauty junkie!) I spotted these black bowls containing some of the prettiest pigmentation that I've ever seen. Then I saw the little brush there with it and just knew that it was some sort of heavenly concoction to be painted onto your lips. Sigh. After asking permission to touch it (yes, it's that major) I swear that my pulse began to escalate at a higher rate than normal. It took all of Jesus and his disciples for me not to dip the little brush into the bowl and apply to my lips (after all, this was just a sample for photography purposes only) or to even put the whole box in my bag before leaving.

    Here are some of the funky makeup looks Francois Nars created for the Marc Jacobs 2010 show also inspired by Kabuki makeup.

    Fast forward to now and I see that the news is officially out so I can now share the scoop with you. According to T Magazine, Francois Nars created this limited edition Bento Box Set after drawing inspiration from a porcelain pot of lip stains used for kabuki actors in Japan. Basically, you dip the little wisteria-handled lip brush into the color and apply sparingly to your lips. While these two lipstick pots aren't something that you carry around for on-the-go touch ups and is super expensive ($125!) it would definitely make a beautiful Christmas gift for someone such as myself (hint, hint friends) or to any other special cosmetic loving amiga in your life.
    The set isn't available until November 1 at Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys New York, but you can pre-order now at
    What do you think of this, Glamazons?! Do you love it just as much as I do?

    *Photo from T

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