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Would you...Wear Your Bra as a Top Like Rihanna and Solange?

    Though it's Labor Day and summer is technically coming to a close, the weather is not freezing just yet. That gives luminaries like Rihanna and Solange more time to rock their beloved fashion statement: an exposed bra.

    Letting a bra peek under a dress or through a slightly sheer top is nothing new. But these ladies are taking it to a new level.

    Rihanna let her Alexander Wang sports bra get all the attention at the airport. Solange, on the other hand, chose to rock hers under a see-through lace top where it was clearly visible.

    When you've got a great body---and better lingerie, it's tempting, if not necessarily appropriate, to show it off. But is rocking a bra as your top taking it too far?

    I'm headed to the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn where bras will be exposed (as part of the Carnival outfit on the floats) for all to see. Fabulous for a festive occasion like today's, but is it suitable for every day?

    Would you wear your bra out? Discuss.



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