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The MAC Venomous Villains Collection Is Here!!

    As you know, Glamazons, I've been ranting and raving about the newest collection from MAC for what feels like eons now. (In actuality it's only been about two months, but I live in New York. One second can feel like an eternity so you'll have to excuse my skewed logic on time.) But now it's here! One particularly jam packed day, I came home exhausted and was so excited to see the doorman hand over a big black box to me upon entrance to my apartment. Joy!
    The MAC Venomous Villains collection actually centers around four classic Disney villains:

    Cruella de Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmations

    Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

    Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog

    What's so great about these products? Well, besides the awesome packaging, I'm in love with the moody/borderline gawdy shades in each of the collections. I mean, it's like I'm evoking my inner bad girl every time I wear any of the products! Atothemazing.
    So, here are my product faves:

    This magnificent powder is the Magically Cool Liquid Powder ($29.50) and can be found in Dr. Facilier's collection. It comes in two shades: Truth & Light (a sheer shimmer that reflects silver and pink) and Cajun (a sheer bronze shimmer that reflects gold). You know, my fave is the shade Cajun. I simply dip in my kabuki brush and go to town bronzing my face with this stuff.

    Of course, there's a shade of red lipstick in the Cruella De Vil collection since it's like her signature color. The name of this is (fittingly) called Heartless ($15.50). I can't decide whether I really just like this because it's red lipstick or because it has Cruella De Vil's face on it. (She's like one of my all-time favorite villains!)

    You know I live for a purple eye so of course my beauty lust would be all over this Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo from the Maleficent collection called My Dark Magic ($21).

    A deep plum lip shade is always a win for fall! This shade called Hot House from the Evil Queen collection is a makeup bag staple for the season.

    And there you have it, Glamazons! What do you think?! I'm so excited to have the products in my hands. Be sure to check 'em out on September 30 when they hit a MAC counter near you!


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