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FIRST LOOK! Jimmy Choo for Ugg Australia Collection

    Admittedly, I was completely apprehensive about a collaboration between Jimmy Choo and Ugg Australia. And can you really blame me?

    While Jimmy Choo has created some of the most delectable sandals I've seen this century, Ugg Australia has never been a favorite of mine. The shoes are undoubtedly practical and warm, but stylish they are not.

    That said, I pretty much expected Jimmy Choo to perform a miracle, giving Ugg Australia a luxurious and tasteful makeover. And umm, they may have accomplished it.

    They adorned a pair of Uggs with some studs to give them some glamour and edge. Hmm...

    Other styles, which truthfully aren't my favorite, boast zepra print and leopard patterns, and fringe and star detail.

    They may not be as fabulous as a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos, but they certainly are an upgrade for Uggs. 

    What are your thoughts? Would you wear these shoes?



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