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Lady Gaga Inks Deal With Coty To Create Her Own Fragrances!

    You know those rumors that have been milling around about Lady Gaga possibly creating her own fragrance? Well, they're true! According to WWD, the pop star has signed a long term fragrance deal with Coty, Inc. to create fragrances under her name.
    Coutura and I were at Lincoln Center and heard about the news right after attending the Tracy Reese show. (More on that in a bit!) Of course, you know that we squealed with glee being that we're like, in love with Gaga. (But not in a sick-stalker-Stan sorta way; more like in an admiration-proud kinda way..if that makes any sense.)
    Anyways, Coty finally spilled the fragrance beans to WWD and said that Gaga's first women's scent is slated to launch by Spring 2012. Kinda sucks that we'll have to wait soooo loooong to get our hands on the stuff, but we're just glad to see that she got the ball rolling on creating fragrances.
    Any guesses as to what she'll name it? She's so eclectic that I honestly have no clue as to what she'll come up with. I mean, anyone who wears a bikini made out of raw meat is liable to come up with anything. Just as long as it smells better than Beyonce's first fragrance, Heat, than I'll be ok with it. (I'm still convinced that Bey's fragrance smells like something my great auntie would wear. Ew.)


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