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Sole Mate: The Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly Booties Lindsay Lohan Wore to Court

    As you know, Lindsay Lohan's back in jail again, booked today at the Los Angeles County's Century Regional Detention Center after failing two drug tests. Sad!

    But I have to say - when it's time to look like a demure sophisticated lady in court, Lindsay Lohan knows the shoes to choose (even if the outfit doesn't quite convince the judge...or any of us that she's cleaned up her act). The troubled star wore a pair of Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly Booties which are $1,195. (Whoa at the price tag. I'll have to pick them up from my new online find, that gives up to 75% off retail. Get into it!)

    Bows can be very Easter-Sunday (read frilly, feminine and over-the-top) but the girly girl in me can't help but love these shoes! And as our reader Fashionably8 said, the leather gives them enough edge to balance out the girliness.

    Too bad Lindsay couldn't wear them in jail, and they were brought out by mom, Dina Lohan, in a plastic bag. The shoes would get so much better treatment in my closet.

    What do you think about Christian Louboutin's Madame Butterfly Booties? And please, don't take disdain for Lindsay's mishaps out on the shoes, lol. They're completely innocent.



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