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GLAM OR SHAM?: Katy Perry in a Sheer Marchesa Dress (and Russell Brand's Picture on Her Nails) at the 2010 MTV VMAs

    You can count on Katy Perry to make a memorable statement on the white carpet. For the 2010 VMAs, the singer chose a daring Marchesa sheer dress with a white ruffle skirt.

    The sheer top is super sexy, yet the elegant embroidery makes the look a tad more sophisticated. Katy Perry keeps it fun though with a head full of black curls with purple and blue highlights. Bold!

    And as for her nails, she paid a special tribute to fiance Russell Brand.

    I just love her funky, experimental approach to fashion and beauty! What's your take? Does she look fun and cool, or a hot tacky mess?

    Decide: is she Glam or Sham?



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