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Would you Wear...Clothing Designed by Mariah Carey?

    You knew it was coming. Mariah Carey debuted Forever by Mariah Carey fragrance, and a clothing line is a logical next step, right?

    The iconic, Grammy Award-winning singer is taking her designs to HSN, launching a brand entitled Mariah Designs. 

    As for pricing, the jewelry will range from $39-199, and the footwear from $69-170. Her limited-edition fragrance, Luscious Pink, will also be available.

    While I'm pretty much obsessed with Mariah Carey's music from Emotions up to her last album, I have to admit her style philosophy has never been my favorite. From the glitter and butterflies (which take me to a parallel universe populated with Queens) to the spandex dresses clinging to her every curve, Mariah Carey falls short of a style icon.

    If her collection looks anything like that, well, count me out. Would you shop Mariah's new clothing line? Is she the right choice to design for a brand? Discuss.



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