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GET THE LOOK (Spring 2011 Fashion Week Edition): Tracy Reese

    Hey Glamazons! On Monday, I finally had the chance to meet the glamazing makeup artist Mally Roncal..and boy is she awesome! As the lead makeup artist for the Tracy Reese show, she was responsible for creating this gorge 1970's inspired beauty look for the models. Here's how it looked coming down the runway. Isn't it beautiful?!

    All I could think about while watching her apply the makeup (while getting these great tips for you, of course) is that it would be the perfect look to wear while laying out on my rich boyfriend's yacht. I totally don't have a rich boyfriend (yet) but I've filed this beauty look away in my brain as one I need to emulate for the precise moment that this happens in life.
    So, here's how you can get the look at home (using Mally's signature line of beauty products, of course):

    "The skin is sunkissed and glowing. It's like a little bit of that 70's healthy glow. Go ahead and highlight those cheekbones! We are embracing the warmth of the skin." - Mally
    -Foundation: Visible Skin
    -Bronzer: Apply Bronze Genius all over, but keep the center of the face light. Keep it natural.
    -Highlighter: Apply Finish Line Luminizer softly under the brow bone and work the cheek bone.
    -Blush: Mally created this super top secret shade of blush specially for Tracy Reese's show! I'll share the deets on this one as soon as I find out more on it!

    "The eye is encompassed with a shimmering brown all around. The lashes are curled but the concentration of the mascara is as the base of the lash therefore leaving the tips of the lashes fluffy. The inner corners have a little bit of a champagne shade. The brows are a bit finer (like yours!) but defined." - Mally
    -Apply Evercolor Shadow Stick in Bronze on the center of the lid up to the crease to add a bit of sparkle when you blink.
    -Apply Evercolor Shadow Stick in Champagne on the inner corner of the eye.
    -Apply Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Liner in Lucky Penny on the outer part of the top lid.
    -For lashes, apply two coats of Mally's Volumizing Mascara concentrating on the base of the lash while keeping the lash tips feathery and light.
    -To define brows, use the Brow Beauty Brow Pencil.

    "For cheeks and lips, the story is that peach is the new pink." - Mally
    - Mally created a sharp line using a liner brush to apply the gloss, no lip liner. She also created another super secret lip shade especially for the Tracy Reese show that I also have to get the scoop on! She topped the lip color with a coat of clear gloss.

    And there you have it! Although most of these products aren't available for purchase just yet, you can use existing products in the line (like these below) to get the look!:

    And here's one last shot from the show of Mally and Tracy that makes me smile every time I see it! Don't you just love how happy they both look in it?!

    *Getty Images

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