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GLAM OR SHAM?: Michelle Obama Mixes Floral Print and Watercolor

    Michelle Obama gets the Glamazon seal of approval just for studying and embracing current fashion trends. The ever-stylish First Lady followed up her lace, leopard and polka dot look with another mixed print outfit; this time, she wears a floral top and watercolor skirt.

    I LOVE this look! I've seen the mixed print look mostly in an edgy, trendy, youthful vibe; Michelle's version looks modern and refined. She brings a posh, polished air to it.

    Though the prints could be seen as busy, both patterns are in the same color family---the golden rule when rocking mixed prints. The silhouette looks great on her, playing up her womanly figure.

     And work those teal heels Mrs. Obama. I say GLAM!

    What say you, Glamazons? Is this moment chic and GLAM or a busy SHAM?




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