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Magazine Glam or Sham: Lady Gaga Naked and Covered in Raw Meat for Vogue Japan

    Sometimes I ask myself what could Lady Gaga wear to shock us that she's hasn't rocked already. I mean she's worn shotguns...on her bra, plastic, Kermit the frog stuffed animals, bubbles and more. And then, I get my answer...raw meat.

    For the new cover of Vogue Japan, Gaga appears naked except for slabs of raw meat covering her lady bits. That sentence just sounded really gross.

    Photographed by Terry Richardson, the cover line reads "The Naked Truth." While some are celebrating the beauty of Richardson's photo, others think it's nasty and disturbing given the people that are starving.

    What's your opinion? Freaky Gaga-esque art or a tasteless magazine cover? Cast your vote: is it Glam or Sham?



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