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The New Perms

    Part Two

    I received overwhelming amounts of comments and emails regarding the post I did “Add Texture To Your Hair: The New Perm”, so it’s time for part two. I talked about great new ways to do perms today, “texture hair services” something the general public like the hairdresser are ‘scarred of ’ because of past bad experiences. Let’s imagine we have no knowledge and in fact some of you might not have any negative experiences with a permanent wave, I like that! and contrary to what kinds of connotations there are associated with perms there isn’t a woman I know that has fine hair, straight hair who wouldn’t love to add and have a little texture added to their hair.

    Re-texturizing hair can have incredible benefits and not only with the hair types I listed above, but with certain haircuts you can add and support the detailing in the cut, create volume from underneath for a thicker look, or match up a person’s own curl or wave that is only in certain areas of their head, creating consistency to their hair. There’s many reasons why there should be this service offered more today, so I am sharing a few texturizing techniques hoping to inspire a new wave of permanent waving.

    The Ponytail: Sectioning the hair in 4 quarters, create 2 ponytails within each section using elastic bands to secure them, there are 8 ponytails. Using large to the largest perm rods available wrap 2 to 4 rods within the 1 ponytail, this creates movement and soft curl or wavy with flatter roots, a very popular look today.

    The Braid:This is the same as the ponytail perm, but instead of using the perm rods you braid the sections and secure with a perm rod on the ends of each braid. The amount of braids you do is up to both client/stylist, more braids more of a crimped look, and less braids more of a finger wavy result.

    Roll Set:Using old fashioned set rollers (plastic) they come in all sizes, set the head in any direction, and secure the rollers with tiny plastic clips, once the head is set and solution has been applied wrap the head up with a thick hairnet (goody has great ones).This will protect the hair from moving when neutralizing is in process, the look is stunning big curls with body, easy to wash and wear or blow-dry out.

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