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Would you wear...A Fur Hat with Ears like Khloe Kardashian?

    Sure the Kardashians have struck gold with their hit reality show, E!'s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and their myriad beauty, fashion and lifestyle ventures. But does that give them the right to dress up like beasts (or let their tween fans overrun Prince Street)? My vote is No...

    Kim made us all scratch our heads by wearing one bear sleeve at the Miami Heat and Nets game and now, sister Khloe is proving she won't be upstaged. She hit the town in not one, but two, furry hats complete with animal ears.

    Nothing more luxurious than fur hats (faux for me) and to be sure, they keep you so warm in the bitter, blistering New York cold that you would think you were at home in flannels in front of the fireplace. But the ears are just so tacky, unnecessary, and Halloween-costume-ish. See?

    I side-eyed but it seems these ear-hats are alll over the internet in leopard, wolf and cat styles. Complete with mittens and paw prints. Don't laugh, I'm serious.

    But what do YOU think? Would you rock them? Tell us in the comments section!

    Oh...and one thing I love about my readers: they think for themselves. So if you loove fur hats with ears, shop them below:



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