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Coutura Shopped Lanvin for H&M...and Barely Survived

    I don't know what came over me Saturday morning. It could have been delirium from working late five days in a row, or my unhealthy obsession with Lanvin, or the fact that I haven't went clothes shopping in months, but something possessed me to wake up at 6AM and head to the Lanvin x H&M sale.

    Okay, that's not true: I know exactly what it was. I missed the editor preview event and fashion show so I feared this would be my last chance to get my hands on Lanvin. And you know I wasn't letting that opportunity pass me by!

    I plotted to hit the H&M store on 86th and Lexington, because obviously everyone would crowd the 5th Avenue and Herald Square stores, right? Wrong.

    When I arrived at the Lexington store, a line of 100 shoppers had already formed. In fact, one shopper divulged that they had been there since 7:30PM the night before. I don't love any collection that much.

    Anyway, the line was full of impossibly skinny, mostly foreign shoppers who wore shades, chain smoked and sipped from Starbucks coffee cups.

    While we waited, H&M workers in bowties served us coffee and croissants (a sartorial and cultural nod to French Lanvin designer, Alber Elbaz), security guards demanded that we not block the door to Sephora and fashion bloggers took advantage of the opportunity and handed out fliers.

     Everyone was happy to see the coffee guy!

    After waiting forever, we were each given a wristband with our 'appointment time' to shop the collection. Despite waking up at what felt like the crack of dawn, my time was for 10AM. And I got my wristband at 8AM. Insert Sigh.

    While you could shop the rest of the store once it opened at 8AM, the Women's Lanvin for H&M area was sectioned off and guarded by security like President Obama was hiding beneath the tulle dress rack.

     Security guarding a precious tulle dress.

    While waiting inside the store for my appt time, I chatted with a shopper who had dental surgery on Tuesday and came out to H&M with a swollen face just to get her hands on Lanvin. Another came out at 4AM and brought her husband to hold her dresses.

    A man that holds your Lanvin x H&M? A keeper!

    Though no one was attacked like at the 34th Street location, there was drama. An argument broke out when someone tried to skip to the front of the line and when the first batch of folks left the shopping area, a guy exclaimed to me "Those people are animals!"

    As for me, I tweeted away and danced happily to the tunes of DJ JVC until it was my turn to shop. My life won't end if a coat isn't there in my size.

    DJ JVC somehow managed to calm us all down with tunes from Rihanna, Kanye and Jay-Z.

    Lucky for me, unlike most H&M stores in the US, the NYC Lexington H&M restocked after every group so I was able to get most of what I wanted.

    Since I had my shopping list already in mind, I ran in and grabbed my fur and animal print trench before the other shoppers even sorted through the first rack. I also picked up a yellow dress in my rush to the dressing room in a size 4, my normal size at H&M.

    When I went to try it on, I couldn't get it up over my chest. I tried everything---shimmying, not breathing, pulling over my head---and the zipper was literally going to pop, ripping the dress down the middle. Umm, what fit models/mannequins did Alber Elbaz use?

    I heard that fit was a huge problem with the collection, but that wasn't the only issue.

    After I got my hands on my beloved yellow dress in a size 6 (after harassing the store clerks so much that one finally exclaimed "just get her one from the back!"), I realized the hem was fringed and unfinished...on a brilliant, ruffled cocktail dress. Not what I expect from Lanvin.

    At any rate, you couldn't pull me out of the fur, trench or yellow dress if you wanted to. I am sooo in love with these garments, unfinished hem and all. Check them out below:

     This felt like a steal! A luxurious, designer fur at H&M prices!

    This pose was a 'What Would Beyonce do?' moment.

    Love this trench coat! Adorable silhouette, expensive fabric, great fit.

    I'm going to love throwing this over a sundress and having a ready-made outfit this Spring.

    You guys know, I fell in love with the yellow dress from the lookbook. Finding a great fit though was harder than I anticipated. 

    Also, was shocked by the unfinished hem! Still, a lovely dress overall thanks to the color, ruffled neckline and cinched waist. 

    Did you brave the crowd for the Lanvin x H&M launch? If so, what did you pick up? How was your shopping experience? Do tell!



    P.S. For those that slept in Saturday instead, the good people at H&M swear that there's a chance to pick up the collection from returns this week. Shop at your own risk!

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