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Katy Perry Launches Fragrance In New York Plus Reveals Name For BFF Rihanna's Upcoming Fragrance!

    There was an explosion of purple Tuesday at Nordstrom's pop-up trailer here in NYC for the official U.S. launch of Katy Perry's new signature fragrance Purr. Clad in a long, fitted Zac Posen dress, the new bride looked very grown-up, wouldn't you say? And kudos to that lovely statement necklace that she's wearing as well. LOVE!

    But, back to the fragrance: so, as we've told you before Glamazons, Katy wanted her fragrance to be "completely unlike anything she's smelled before."

    My fave WWD quote in regards to this new kitty fragrance amazingness?:
    "You can put all the bells and whistles on things and it can still smell like sh*t. I was very particular about this...I couldn't put out something that I didn't 100 percent believe in."

    While I haven't quite yet managed to get my hands on it yet to tell you whether it really does smell like sh*t or not, I can say that the packaging is genius. I mean, who wouldn't want to have a purple glass kitty chilling on their boudoir?! I also think that the ads are hilarious! (Click here to check out one of the shots.)

    In other fragrance news, the pop star spilled the beans to JustJared about plans for her BFF Rihanna's new fragrance. It's going to be called 'Rebel Flower.'

    "I'm excited to see hers because she does things with a twist, too and we're always trying to push the envelope and raise the bar," she told JustJared Tuesday.

    Oooo exciting, right Glamazons?! I mean, I agree that Rihanna is definitely pushing the bar with this red hair business (which I happen to think looks better shorter) so I can't wait to see what she's brewing up in the fragrance labs.

    Purr by Katy Perry costs $36 for 1 0z and is now available at Nordstrom and We hear that there should be a matching body lotion and shower gel launching soon as well, but no real confirmation as to when it will hit stores or pricing. (Just note that it's coming!)

    What do you think of the bottle for Purr, Glamazons? AND do you plan on purchasing Rihanna's fragrance once it hits stands?!


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