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The New Chunky Highlight – Ribbons

    When we think of chunky highlights we either think of striped hair, or Cindy Crawford al la 90’s, some might even think of Ginger Spice with her flaming red hair and yellow/white streaks. I remember loving doing this kind of highlights, it was a look almost everyone wanted “a few” bolder lighter or brighter highlights around the face with a high contrasting effect, and if they were done right and on the right hair and person the look was hot. And then we got sick of the chunky look considering it chessie and went on to "oh natural "sunkissed finer highlights.

    And as we saw at the end of last year a resurgence of the 80’s, Goth, Punk, and a few others, this year the 90’s are showing up in hair color, and it’s a newer sombre version of the chunky highlight look , I call Ribbons. It’s a fast easy way to add a little sexy detail to the hair while bringing back focus on lighter fronts, and fewer placed foils which also make it super economical. The difference with today’s chunky highlights/ribbons is that the colors are not a high contrast like the past but rather softer and complimentary shades. So whether you just get ribbons in the front of the hair or more it sure will add a touch of sophistication to any ones style without any chessie connotation attached.

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