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Add Texture To Your Hair ' The New Perm'

    Part One Textured hair is very much in the spotlight for spring 2010, and the theme is “Oh Natural”, wash and go. The unique difference with the textures we have started to see and will see more of are not necessary curly tresses but rather what a roller or a braid looks like when unravelled which has a wonderful almost finger wave effect with a slight slept on finish. And unfortunately or fortunately for me who loves doing perms, not everyone was born with curly, wavy or texture to their hair, so for the Look almost everyone wants these day’s who have long to should length hair I say if your hair is not over processed and you put a little effort in styling your hair then get a perm, I like to refer them today as retexture.

    In the 8o’s I would do so many perms because the trend was to mimic crimped hair, corkscrew ringlets, I would braid tons of small braids all over the head to achieve the look resulting into the coolest crimped, big hair of that era. Oh the ponytail perms or stack perms we did and then the ringlet, I think through the 80’s and part of the 90’s I was doing at least 2 to 3 perms a week, and today almost 80% stylist do 0 a year. 1/don’t know how to perm 2/hate them, scarred of the chemical solutions 3/never suggest them due to either fear or bad experiences.

    It’s time to get rolling, and either learn or start setting hair into how you would set for a style, it’s gorgeous, and thankfully does not last as long as in the past (years) they stylishly loosen up. In the past it was all about root lift and tight curls, today its focus is on smoother flatter roots, with bigger strands of multi-textures through the bottom with less attention to perfect styling, a more organic feel. Retexturing the hair today to achieve these very beautiful looks are easy and fun , and not nearly as hard as perm-rods truly,, I personally have been saying this for the past decade, Start perming and start getting them, today’s products are not as harsh , they come in a variety, for tinted hair, highlighted hair, stubborn hair, sensitive hair, etc. And for stylists rid the fears, if you know how to do a roller set and use curling irons and do braids then you can perm, with less attention to perfect styling, and a more organic feel.
    A very sad state since a hairdresser should know all about ‘chemical services’ at least remember the “old lady wrap” excuse the phrase, a basic fundamental taught at cosmetology schools everywhere, hence why all the possibilities I stated above why there are no perms being done today in most salons globally, which leads me to believe there is a huge opportunity with the "texture hair services" you can offer and be a true creative image crafter .

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