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Would you wear...Kim Kardashian's 'Curvy' Clothing Line for QVC?

    The Kardashian sisters continue their Hollywood takeover with a fashion line for "curvy" women exclusively for QVC called K-Dash.

    Note we've already been exposed to the Kardashians' fashion line with Bebe, and their swimwear line with Beach Bunny swimwear, among other things (Kim's perfume, bronzers, Perfect Skin, the list goes on...). Now, their "dream" has come true with their very own clothing line, where they have total control of the designs. Sigh.

    Catering to curvy women (naturally), the line will make its debut during Fashion's Night Out on September 10th at the QVC pop-up shop.

    Critics feel that as "socialites" or "business women," the Kardashians have no design experience and expertise; and shouldn't be able to design a line just because they're famous---and have a really unbelievably addictive reality show on E!.

    My take? They do look stylish on the red carpet, though credit goes to Kim's stylist Monica for that (who also allegedly styles Lala to perfection). And like it or not, they have a powerful brand and a legion of fans who spend money on their every endeavor. Fashion is a business, and at the end of the day, revenue is the only thing that matters. If their name continues to sell, look forward to a ton of new clothing lines from the Kardashians.

    Still, although I fully understand the business aspect of their clothing line, I have to ask: how many more fitted, ruched dresses does the world really need?

    It still remains to see how hands on Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are, or if they will just be the face of the brand. Regardless, I'll save my opinion until Fashion's Night Out when can see the actual clothes.

    What's your take on the Kardashian sisters starting their own clothing line? Would you wear their designs? Are you excited about it?





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