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Sole Mate: Leopard Print Shoes Starring Loeffler Randall's Fifi Boot

    If you've been reading this blog, you know leopard print is my permanent obsession, whether it's "in style" or not. As you can see, I prefer to believe the print is timeless and eternally chic.

    Fortunately for me, leopard print shoes are the current trend du jour and designers are churning shoes in cool, fresh silhouettes in the beloved pattern.

    I've spotted Lala and Kim Kardashian rocking leopard print shoes in a totally non-matchy way to give their outfits lots of flair and pizazz.

    I plan to fully embrace the new way of rocking the trend with the above glamazing shoes from Loeffler Randall: the 'Fifi' leopard print boots. J'die!

    They are sleek, sexy ankle boots with a to-die-for sculptured cone heel. I looove! They embody comfort and modern style; the perfect boots for me to wear to work to give my outfit some ferocious, sex appeal. I need them in order to make it through Fashion Week!

    What do you think of my new shoe crush? Aren't they drool-worthy? Are you in love too? Shop the fierce trend below.

    SHOP: Loeffler Randall 'Fifi' Boot

    SHOP: Leopard Print Shoes

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