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GLAM OR SHAM?: Fantasia's New T-Boz Haircut

    Oh, Fantasia. Really, my heart goes out to her for a variety of reasons.

    One, I saw her Behind the Music yesterday and was immediately depressed. She was raped, and then blamed for the rape by her father, beat by her child's father, cheated out of money by her managers and the list goes on.

    As you know, unless you've been hiding under a rock, she tried to commit suicide recently after being slammed in the media for dating a married man. Now that she's seemingly back to normal and out promoting her new album "Back to Me," people are accusing her of faking the suicide attempt for a publicity stunt. Sigh.

    I doubt anyone would commit suicide for publicity; taking your own life is not something to play around with even for album sales. And when I look at everything Fantasia's been through and her struggle to be happy, I'm filled with sensitivity and support for her; not criticism or condemnation but that's just me.

    Fantasia has had a very rough life, and always seems to land on her feet. That said, I'm happy to see her back out and about, giving TV interviews and sporting a new look: the T-Box bowl cut with two long strands on each side.

    While some feel it should've been left in the '90's, I think it looks great on her. It frames her face and gives her a fresh, exciting edge.

    What do you think about Fantasia's new haircut? And the criticism about her suicide attempt and alleged affair? And check out her interview about her depression and suicide attempt on Good Morning America below.




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