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Glamazons Blog Guide: Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall in 8 Easy Ways

    Just when I was getting used to heading to Long Island beach every weekend, Fall is back with a start. And I'm not complaining---there are so many fabulous new trends this season (look out for my trend guide coming soon) that I am welcoming cool-weather dressing with my arms open wide.

    For now, it's about making the most of your fave summer pieces without freezing to death as the temperature drops. I am pretty much the Queen of this (ask Ferocia; somehow I manage to make my summer clothes work all year long) so here are 8 of my tried-and-true tips for seasonless dressing. Your closet, and bank account, will be eternally greatful.

    Tip #1: Meet my old best friend: jeggings.

    Wear them alone as pants, under dresses, under skirts, you name it and they'll keep your legs warm while giving you endless styling options.

    Tip #2: Find some fabulous cardigans.

    With this season's fixation with mixed prints, patterned cardigans are the perfect piece to add some pizazz to your ensemble. For Fall, cardigans are part of your outfit rather than just an addition. Throw a leopard print cardigan over a floral printed dress (in the same color family!). You'll be warm and tres chic! Or go the Michelle Obama route and invest in cardigans in neutral colors that can be easily paired with your sleeveless dresses and tanks.

    Tip #3: Hello knee-length boots.

    If you love your legs (like me!) and want to keep showing them long after summer drifts away, knee-length boots are your Savior. Keep your minidresses and skirts in rotation by pairing them with sexy suede knee-length boots and leggings/tights.

    Tip #4: Your go-to piece? A blazer.

    So...between you and I...I've been pairing my flowy summer tanks with a pair of leggings and a blazer and wearing them to work all week. It's amazing how a blazer can add a stylish and polished flair to your look, even when you're wearing your most casual Catherine Malandrino tee underneath. Throw a blazer over a floral dress for the same effect.

    Tip #5: Scarves do the trick.

    My grandma always says cover up your neck and chest. I follow her orders fashionably with an assortment of the season's hottest printed scarves. No matter how you tie them, they look chic and keep you nice and warm. Drape them for a long, lax look or tie them for a sophisticated, Upper West Side flair.

    Tip #6: Don't give up on your shorts.

    If it seems like a waste to pack up your shorts after three months of wear, you're not alone. They can totally work into the Fall with the right pieces. Rock them with a blazer or a long-sleeved shirt or pair them with tights for a fresh, edgy look that all the downtown girls are wearing.

    Tip #7: Try socks with sandals.

    I am hopelessly enamored with my shoes, especially my summertime sandals. And too often, I have to pack my sandals up at the first hint of wind. No longer - the retro socks with sandals trend that has swept the fashion landscape will do you well here. Rock a pair of nude or black socks with your fave stilettos and voila, your sandals are Fall-ready.

    Tip #8:  Invest in a vest.

    Fall is the perfect season for vests! Throw a chic faux fur vest over a thin long-sleeved shirt, or floral l/s dress and you've got the look. Belt a vest over a dress for a cinched waist and sexy silhouette.

    Do you have any transition tips that worked for your wardrobe? If so, leave them in the comment section. And let us know if these tips helped carry you from Summer to Fall in style.



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